The story is about Gunjan. she is the first girl to work in her family. This story will address the difficulties faced by a girl in a conservative family.  


Recap: Gunjan came to know about Joginder’s love life from payal. She did not get the expected award from her manager after the completion of the project. So she was disappointed.


Payal: payal tries to console her. Gunjan, you should not lose hope.

Gunjan: it’s ok payal.

Payal: then tell me what about your engagement?

Gunjan: the engagement preparation has been started and you have to attend my engagement payal.

Payal: sure, I won’t miss it.

Gunjan’s Home

Gunjan mother: Gunjan, tell me what do you want for engagement?

Gunjan: what mom?

Mother: can we contact a dress designer?

Gunjan: mom, why we should waste our hard earned money? We can celebrate it in a simple manner

While they are discussing about engagement they got a call.

Mother: I’ll attend the call Gunjan.

After 10 minutes her mother came back to her room.

Mother: Gunjan, your mother in-law speaked with me and said they have decided what you have to wear during engagement ceremony.

Gunjan: mom, it’s my wish. How they will interfere in my decision?

Mother: don’t speak like this. Behave properly.

After an hour, Gunjan’s in-laws came to her home. They bought a dress for her and ordered her to wear it on the day of engagement.

Gunjan: she has decided to express her anger towards their decision. Aunty, but I have chosen some other dress to wear on engagement.

Both Gunjan’s mother and her in-laws were shocked.

Gunjan’s in-laws: so you will not listen to my words. I have expected this. Working girls will behave like this only.

Gunjan’s mother: please don’t take it serious. Gunjan will wear the dress which has been selected by you.

Gunjan’s in-laws: hmm. If she obeys to my orders then I will be happy.

They moved from Gunjan’s home.

Gunjan’s mother: Gunjan, why are you behaving like this?

Gunjan: what mom, I didn’t commit any mistakes.

Mother: oh, really. If you speak like this then your marriage life will be in trouble

Gunjan: ma, this is too much. I have expressed my views about the dress. Moreover the marriage is not over. We are going to be engaged. That’s it.

Mother: your in-laws were right. I have allowed you to go for a job. That’s my greatest mistake.

Gunjan couldn’t understand why everyone is saying that her behavior has been changed just because of a job.

Gunjan at Office

Gunjan has shared her feelings with payal.

Gunjan: payal, do you know one thing. I will be the first girl who is not happy about my engagement.

Payal: come on Gunjan. Everything will be solved. There will be family pressure before marriage. But once you get married then the problems will be solved. Believe me. My sister also faced the same kind of problems. Now she is okay and leading a happy life.

Gunjan: I hope your words will come true.

Payal: will you invite our manager for your engagement?

Gunjan: no, no. only close friends and relatives will be attending the function. Why I should invite him? I have already learned a lesson from him through the project.

Payal: ok, just forget those incidents and just focus on your work.

Only few days are left for her engagement. After her discussion with payal about Joginder’s previous love affair Gunjan didn’t receive any other comments from her.   So she thought that it was his past love story and it is very common nowadays.

Gunjan was even pleased with Joginder’s behavior. He used to call her daily and they will talk at least for an hour inspite of his work. She started liking him.

On the Day of Engagement

Gunjan heard an argument between her mom and dad early in the morning. So she was surprised. Her mother doesn’t have the habit of speaking loudly and especially with her father.

Gunjan: ma and papa what is this? Why are you arguing like this?

Gunjan’s mother: Gunjan, see your papa is not listening to my words.

Gunjan: ma, what happened? I couldn’t understand anything.

Mother: Gunjan, your in-laws are asking for more money and within a short period of time.

Gunjan: ma, what are you saying? Did they ask dowry?

Mother: Gunjan, marriage is not possible without dowry. But the issue is they are asking more money than we expect.

Gunjan: ma, tell me exactly. What did they asked?

Mother: your in-laws are asking 1crore.

Gunjan: she was about to sip a cup of coffee. After hearing these words the cup fell to the ground. Ma, are you serious?

Mother: yes, before a month they demanded for 50 Lakhs. We have accepted. But now they are demanding 1 crore.

Gunjan: ma, this is a shock to me. First of all I didn’t know they demanded dowry. They know about our financial condition. Moreover they are close friend to papa. Then how can they behave like this?

Mother: Gunjan, you are still a child. You don’t know anything. Money speaks louder than friendship.

Gunjan: then what should we do now? If you allow me then I’ll speak with Joginder.

Mother: please speak with him Gunjan. Evening is your engagement and they are demanding now.

Gunjan: ok ma, I’ll give you good news before evening. Please don’t worry.

Gunjan: she tried to speak with Joginder. Sometimes the call will be unreachable and sometimes it will be busy. She is surprised by Joginder’s attitude. He is going to get engaged with Gunjan in the evening and he puts her call on hold.

Finally in the afternoon she is able to speak with Joginder.

Gunjan: Joginder, I want to discuss something with you.

Joginder: tell me Gunjan.

Gunjan: she has explained everything. But the other side remains silent.

Joginder: Gunjan, please try to understand. I like you but you have to adjust with my parents.

Gunjan: I am ready to adjust with your parents. But we can’t fulfill your demands. I have clearly explained about my father’s business. We are having money but 1 crore is not possible.

Joginder: ok Gunjan, give me some more time. I’ll talk with my parents.

Gunjan had waited for his call till evening. But she didn’t receive any call from Joginder.


They have invited only family friends and close relatives for the engagement ceremony. Gunjan’s family has decided to conduct the engagement ceremony in home.

Gunjan’s mother: Gunjan, get ready soon.

Gunjan: ma, I have talked with Joginder. But he didn’t give any positive reply.

Mother: we will pray god and hope for the best. What else we can able to do now?

Gunjan: her in-laws have arrived with their relatives. But they were not happy. As soon as they entered Gunjan’s home they started discussing about dowry. Her mom has requested them to give time to make some arrangements.

Meanwhile Joginder called Gunjan.

Joginder: Gunjan, I have discussed with my mom and dad. They had suggested something.

Gunjan: what?

Joginder: you have to register your home in my dad’s name if you cannot arrange the money.

Gunjan: Gunjan did not expect this kind of reply from Joginder, a highly qualified software engineer.


To be continued…