The story is about Gunjan. she is the first girl to work in her family. This story will address the difficulties faced by a girl in a conservative family.


Recap: Gunjan got an opportunity to lead a team in her office. But her family has fixed her engagement date.

On seeing Gunjan’s face her mother has understood that something is not good.

Gunjan’s mother: what happened? Why are you looking sad?

Gunjan: ma, I have to work more for the next three months. But you have fixed my engagement date soon.

Mother: so what? If you cannot do your work then you can resign your job. There is no need for you to work hard.

Gunjan: ma, I cannot do that. I have to give 2 months notice before I resign. Moreover I love this job. So I don’t have any plan to resign my job.

Mother: so what are you trying to say? Do you have the guts to fight with your father?

Gunjan: ma, I am not against papaji’s decision. What I am trying to say is the engagement date can be fixed after 3 months.

Mother: if you are sure about your decision then go and tell to your Papa. But don’t forget you are going against your papa’s decision first time in your life.

Gunjan: she is confused and at the same time she don’t want to focus on anything till her project was over. But she was scared to discuss with her dad.




In Gunjan’s home they have the habit of eating dinner together. After few minutes Gunjan started to speak with her dad.

Gunjan: Papa, I have to say something

Gunjan’s dad: tell me.

Gunjan: papa ji, I got a new project in my office. So I have to concentrate in my work for the next 3 months as I’ll be the team leader for my project. So can we change our engagement date?

Gunjan’s dad: hmm. Let us do one thing. We will change the engagement date.

Gunjan: she could not believe what was happening. Papa!!

Gunjan’s dad: your engagement will happen after 15 days.

Gunjan: she was shocked.

Gunjan’s dad: then there is also a second option. You just resign your job.

Gunjan: no, Papaji. I am really sorry. The engagement will happen in the same date as decided by you.

Gunjan’s dad: good. You don’t have any other choice.

Gunjan: she could not control her tears. But her mom consoles her.

Gunjan’s mom: I have told you already. But you have not listened to me.

Gunjan: she could not able to speak.

The Next day

Gunjan was busy in her new project. She can ask help from her manager only during the first month. Then she has to manage by herself because her manager will move to the Malaysian branch from next month.

Payal: Gunjan, come on. Let us go for the lunch.

Gunjan: but she did not make any reply.

Payal: so she called Gunjan again.

Gunjan: this time she replied, tell me payal

Payal: oh god. At last you replied. What happened to you?

Gunjan: nothing payal, I was busy in my work.

Payal: come on Gunjan. This is your first day in your new project. So don’t get serious now. But I think there is some other reason for your worries. Am I right?

Gunjan: yes, payal. My family has decided to conduct my engagement ceremony next month.

Payal: what?!! Gunjan you are too bad. You didn’t reveal anything about your fiancé.

Gunjan: if I don’t know anything then what can I say about him?

Payal: are you kidding? This is not possible.

Gunjan: this is true payal. My fiancé is the son of my dad’s close friend.

Payal: what he is doing?

Gunjan: he is a software engineer working in U.S.

Payal: oh, wow. So you will be flying to U.S after marriage.

Gunjan: payal, I am not happy about my engagement. I have agreed for the engagement just because of my family pressure.

Payal: payal seems to be shocked after hearing this. Gunjan please don’t take wrong decision. It’s your right to know about your life partner. So try to speak with him and know him well before you get married.

Gunjan: Gunjan had started to think.

Gunjan’s Home

Gunjan did not interact with her mother. She remains silent. So Gunjan’s mother called her

Gunjan’s mother: Gunjan, what happened to you?

Gunjan: ma, I need your help. Can I speak with him?

Gunjan’s mother: with whom?

Gunjan: ma, with Joginder Singh

Gunjan’s mother: the elders in our family would not allow. You can speak with him when he visits our home on the day of engagement.

Gunjan: ma, please try to understand me. I have to speak with him; I should know him before we got married.

Gunjan’s mother: smiled and said, you cannot understand a man completely within few months. You have to spend several years to understand.

Gunjan: yes ma. But I just want to know about his likes and dislikes.

Mother: ok, I’ll convince your father and ask Joginder Singh to talk to you. But I need time.

Gunjan: she was happy and said thank you ma.

A Month Later

Gunjan has started to spend extra hours in office. When she was working she got an anonymous call. So she picked up the call

Gunjan: hello

Anonymous call: hello, Gunjan.

Gunjan: yes.

Anonymous call: hi, this is Joginder.

Gunjan: she couldn’t believe her ears. What?!!

Joginder: I am Joginder Singh. Do you remember me or not?

Gunjan: smiled and said of course I remember you. Moreover our engagement has been fixed.

Joginder: I think we will be the first people in this world to speak like this.

Gunjan: yes, you are right.

Joginder: ok, let me do one thing. I’ll give the details of my social networking sites, Skype id etc. You can talk with me anytime through video call, or through social networking sites. I’ll be available in online always.

Gunjan: so nice to hear that. I’ll call you back once I reach my home.

Joginder: ok, Gunjan. Bye.

Lunch Hours in Office

Gunjan got the details sent by Joginder Singh. So she logged in to her Facebook id and searched his profile. She was surprised to see that Joginder was connected with more number of friends and especially girl friends. So she checked his uploaded pictures.

Gunjan was shocked to see some intimate pictures of Joginder with girls.

To be continued….