The story is about Gunjan. she is the first girl to work in her family. This story will address the difficulties faced by a girl in a conservative family.  


Recap: Gunjan explained her mother about the importance of knowing each other before getting married and then she got a call from her fiancé Joginder Singh.


Gunjan even though studied in a co-education the maximum conversation with her class boys will be about the class notes. She knows about love but she was not interested to hang out with the boys or to extend the friendship to a love relationship.

So she was scared on seeing the intimate pictures of Joginder with his girl friend. She was even surprised that how he can put that pictures on his social profiles. He has given his Facebook profile id to Gunjan. If he knows that she will be seeing his profile then why he didn’t delete those pictures? She was confused. Then she decided to ask him about those photos.

Gunjan’s Home

She was relaxing herself and she got a call from Joginder Singh.

Joginder Singh:  you told me that you will call me. But you didn’t do that?

Gunjan: sorry. But I thought you would be busy. So I didn’t call you.

Joginder Singh: that’s ok. Can we talk now?

Both of them talked for a while. Then she has decided to ask about those pictures.

Gunjan: I saw your face book profile and I am surprised to see more girl friends.

Joginder Singh: he laughed louder. I came to U.S to do MS. Then I got a job here. When I was studying I was feeling shy to move with the girls. But later I have also started to move closer with the girls. It is very common here.

Gunjan: hmm…ok. Then he said good night.

Though Joginder explained about his social behavior Gunjan was not satisfied. She wants to know more about him.

Gunjan in Office

Gunjan said to payal about her interaction with Joginder. So payal wants to saw his photo. Gunjan showed Joginder’s photo to payal. After seeing his photo payal started thinking. On seeing her face, Gunjan asked her what happened payal.

Payal: I think I have seen this person before.

Gunjan: that’s not possible. He has gone to U.S for doing his higher studies and then he stayed there. He never came back to India for the past few years.

Payal: I don’t know Gunjan. But I have seen him before. Let me think about this. Once I remember I will tell you.

A week later

Payal called Gunjan who was busy in her work.

Gunjan: tell me payal

Payal: I remember now where I have seen your fiancé

Gunjan: where?

Payal: with Neha my cousin

Payal: Neha is also working in U.S. She has sent me a picture few months back.

Gunjan: how both of them know each other?

Payal: Neha told me that she will send some pictures along with her friends. In that picture I saw your fiancé.

Gunjan: payal, what to do now?

Payal: let me do one thing. I will ask my cousin about your fiancé. Then I’ll tell you

Gunjan: ok




Two days later

Gunjan: payal, what are you thinking?

Payal: Gunjan, I have asked Neha about Joginder Singh. She said that both of them became friends a year before through a common friend. She said that Joginder proposed her but Neha rejected the proposal because she already had a boy friend.

Gunjan: payal, please guide me what should I do now?

Payal: just know about him well. You have to be sure whether he is really interested in you or he is just accepting you for the sake of his parents.

Gunjan: I am really confused. I don’t think I need this kind of emotional disturbances now. I can work for few more years. But only my parents are insisting me to get married.

Payal: no, Gunjan. Your parents are right. But just be sure that Joginder really likes you or not.

Gunjan: ok, payal

Gunjan was in the middle of her project and she has got only a month to finish her project.

Gunjan’s dad: Gunjan, you can issue a notice to your office about your resignation after 2 months.

Gunjan: papa, I am going to finish my project. Once the project got over there will be a chance to get promoted. This is the right time. If I resign my job then I have to start again from first in a new office.

Gunjan’s dad: Gunjan, you have worked after your studies and that is enough for you. You need not to worry about these things. Moreover Joginder will earn more than you and girls should not have more ambitions. You should thank god because you have got good in-laws.

Gunjan: she lost her hopes after hearing these words from her dad.

Gunjan in Office

Her manager has returned from Malaysian branch and she has completed her project successfully. Due to this project her company will earn more profit.

Manager: Gunjan, congrats you have worked very hard in this project.

Gunjan: thank you sir.

Manager: The investors of the project will come here today. So we have to gather once again in the conference hall after lunch hours.

Gunjan: she came back to her seat.

Payal: congrats Gunjan. You have finished the project soon before it was expected.

Gunjan: thank you payal.

Payal: so where is the treat?

Gunjan: I’ll give you treat in the evening.

After lunch hours Gunjan and rest of the people gathered in the conference hall. The investors of the project also present there.

Manager: please have a look at the slides. Gunjan’s manager has explained about the project to the investors. They were very much happy. They congratulate everyone who has been a part of this project.

Manager: Gunjan’s manager had sent a paper to her. In that paper it has been mentioned that her manager has been assisting the team from the beginning till the end of the project.

Actually Gunjan’s name has to be mentioned in that place but her manager has included his name. So she was shocked to see that. On seeing her reaction Gunjan’s manager said like this.

Manager: oh come on Gunjan. It will happen in every office. If I mention your name as the leader of this project then the investors will raise several questions. They will not believe you. But if I had included my name then they won’t raise any question because of my experience.

Gunjan: she has worked so hard for the success of the project. But her name is in the second place instead of first.

Gunjan was thinking why her life has been dominated by the male members like her father and now the manager.  She was heartbroken.

To be continued