The story is about Gunjan. she is the first girl to work in her family. This story will address the difficulties faced by a girl in a conservative family.  


Recap: Gunjan’s father has decided to fix her marriage with his close friend’s son Joginder. But they were greedy in nature and demanded huge amount as dowry. Gunjan did not like this and convinced her father to cancel the engagement at the last moment.


Gunjan at Office

Gunjan:  hi payal

Payal: she was surprised on seeing Gunjan. Sorry Gunjan. I am feeling bad about yesterday’s incident.

Gunjan: don’t feel bad payal. Actually I am feeling relieved now.

Payal: Gunjan, your decision is right. Even though your parents had agreed to register your home in your in-laws name you didn’t agreed to their decision. Well done.

Gunjan: what to do payal. Joginder is earning more. His parents are rich. But still they demand dowry. This is unacceptable.

Payal: so what is your next plan?

Gunjan: hmm. I’ll continue my work. I hope my parents will not put pressure on me regarding marriage at least for couple of months.

Payal: I don’t think so. Your parents will arrange for your marriage soon as this engagement was cancelled.

Gunjan: let us see. Ok for now we will concentrate in our work.

Gunjan leaves for home in the evening. Gunjan entered into her street. Her house is located at the end of the street. When she was moving slowly she could hear the conversation of two women. They are walking behind her and they are discussing about Gunjan’s engagement. Gunjan thought that they will talk about this until they got any sensational news to discuss.

Gunjan at Home

She reached her home. She was surprised to see that the main door of her home was closed. It is unusual. Her mother will know the time of her return from the office and so she will keep the main door open. So Gunjan knocked the door.

Gunjan: she also called her mom to open the door.

Mother: her mom opened the door. She looks sad.

Gunjan: ma, what happened?

Mother: Gunjan, I am getting tired by answering to the phone calls. Our relatives are enquiring about your engagement.

Gunjan: ma, this will last for few more days. After that they will get busy in their work.

After few hours they got a call from their relative.

Mother: Gunjan, your uncle is on the line, speak with him.

Gunjan:  Gunjan seems to be happy after she talks with her uncle.

Mother: Gunjan are you happy now.

Gunjan: yes ma, Seema is getting married finally

Mother:  love marriage is going to happen for the first time in our family.

Gunjan: but Seema had waited for 5 years.

Mother: what to do? Seema wanted to get married to her classmate. But your uncle did not approve that till that boy started to earn. Now it’s the time for their marriage.

Gunjan: ma, they have invited us for marriage.

Mother: but how can we go Gunjan?

Gunjan: ma, please it’s the right time to move from this place. So that we will get peace of mind as well as we can enjoy the function

Mother: but tickets?

Gunjan: ma, just get the approval of papa. I’ll arrange for the tickets.

Mother: ok.

After 3 days

Mother: Gunjan, papa allowed us to go for the marriage.

Gunjan: what about papa?

Mother: your papa will come on the day of marriage. We can go there 3 days before marriage so that we can help them

After few hours

Gunjan: ma, I had arranged for the tickets

Mother: how it is possible? You have not gone outside

Gunjan: smiled and said ma, there is no need to visit the railway station. We are going through flight and I have booked the tickets online.

Mother: Gunjan, why did you waste your hard earned money? Flight charges will be higher than train charges.

Gunjan: ma, you are right. But for the first time you are going to fly with me. That’s why I had arranged for the flight tickets.

Mother: smiled and moved away

Whether this marriage will bring happiness in her life?

Travelled to Kanpur

Gunjan was feeling happy because this would be the first time for her mother to visit the airport. Gunjan’s family would always travel through train. But this time Gunjan had changed the plan because she wants to make her mother happy.

Gunjan and her mother reached their relatives home. Gunjan congratulate Seema for her wedding.

Seema: hi Gunjan, how are you?

Gunjan: I am good.  then what about wedding?

Seema: actually we have planned for destination wedding. But the elders in both the families did not accept

Gunjan: oh no. why Seema? I would get an opportunity to visit a new place if that happen.

Seema: the elders in our family feel that the destination wedding is new to our family and if anything went wrong then I should be responsible for that.

Gunjan: that’s ok. Seema, have you planned for your honeymoon or not?

Seema: we have planned actually but didn’t finalize anything till now. It depends on my in-laws decision.

Gunjan: ok leave it. I came here 3days before just to help you

Seema: you are so sweet Gunjan. It’s good to see you earlier. My college friends will come only on the day of marriage. I need your support now.

Gunjan and Seema talked for a while. After few hours they have been called for the lunch.

Gunjan: wow, this is so delicious.

Seema: this sweet has been prepared by me

Gunjan: oh, that’s good. Finally you have entered into the kitchen.

Seema: yes. I have to prepare sweets in my in-laws home on the first day. So I have learned.

Gunjan: so you know to cook everything now.

Seema: yes. But still I felt nervous to try some new recipes.

Gunjan: oh, come on Seema. You will do everything better. So don’t worry.

Later Seema asked Gunjan about her cancelled engagement. So Gunjan explained everything to Seema. Silence prevails between them for a while. Then Seema begin to talk.

Seema: Gunjan, I think you could have handle the situation better

Gunjan: Seema, what can I do? They have demanded a huge amount as dowry. If we didn’t give money then we should give them our house. In that situation what can I do?

Seema: Gunjan, you cannot live in a relationship without expectation. If you are ready to marry Joginder then what is the problem to transfer your home in his father’s name.

Gunjan: Seema, there is no problem if he is in a financial crisis. But he is earning more and his family is also rich. Then why he should demand dowry? Why he can’t be like your fiancé Sidhu?

Seema: smiled and said Gunjan “Sidhu’s family also demand dowry from us and we have fulfilled their demand”

Gunjan: she was shocked. Seema it’s a love marriage

Seema: of course it’s a love marriage. Still there is love between me and Sidhu. But I have to fulfill his parent’s demands just for the sake of Sidhu.

Gunjan: Gunjan couldn’t believe that money plays a vital role even in love marriage.

Whether the recent incidents will change Gunjan’s perspective towards marriage?