Recap: on the day of engagement Gunjan’s fiancé Joginder demanded to register her home in the name of his father instead of money.

Gunjan: Joginder, what are you saying?

Joginder: what? You said that it may not be possible for your family to give the expected money. Instead of money my father needs your home. Though it is not a new home we can adjust with this because my dad is your father’s close friend.

Gunjan: she could not believe anything. She thought Joginder would be a broadminded person and he may not demand anything from Gunjan’s family.

Gunjan: ok Joginder. Give me 10 minutes. I’ll discuss with my parents and tell you.

Joginder: just make it fast Gunjan. I am waiting for your reply. Then only I’ll participate in the engagement rituals.

Gunjan: she moved from that place and went to talk with her parents. She called her mother and dad and said everything.

Gunjan’s parents: thank god. At last we got a solution for this issue.

Gunjan: ma, papa what are you saying?

Gunjan’s parents: yes, Joginder saved us from embarrassment. We will happily register this house in his dad’s name.

Gunjan: so this will be your final decision. Then listen to my decision.

Gunjan’s parents: we have not given you the power to take any decision.

Gunjan: oh really. I am not going to get engaged with Joginder.

Parents: Gunjan, don’t play with us. We have already decided that you both should get married. The engagement ceremony has been arranged just to inform our decision to others. So you cannot change our decision.

Gunjan: I have the rights to take an important decision of my life. If you force me to marry this guy who is greedy in nature then I’ll go to the police station and file a complaint against him.

Parents: they were shocked.

Gunjan: I have a plan to work for my livelihood. But due to your pressure I agreed for this engagement. But everything has been changed now. They are demanding dowry from us. The sad part is that they are your close friend. So this is your friendship?

Gunjan’s parents: Gunjan, please don’t do like this. What our relatives and other people will think about us?

Gunjan: ma, you told me that they have demanded 50 Lakhs initially.  This is their first mistake. Again they are demanding more. This shows their mentality. If they behave like this before marriage then how will they behave after marriage?

Gunjan’s parents also started to think. Gunjan’s father is not happy with the behavior of his friend. He though that Gunjan can lead a happy life if she got married to the son of his close friend. But he was disappointed now.

After thinking for a while Gunjan’s father has decided to call it quit. He informed his decision to Joginder’s family. They were not happy with this decision and that too on the day of engagement. So they started threatening Gunjan’s family.

Joginder’s father: do you know about our family status? You are my old friend. That’s why I thought our children should get married. But you have proved that it’s my wrong decision. If engagement gets cancelled at the last moment then no one in our caste will come forward and marry your daughter. Think about it. Joginder, come let us move now.

After hearing these words Gunjan’s father seems to be worried. But Gunjan console her dad and said papa, we have taken the right decision. So don’t worry about this.

Though Gunjan said like this she is also worried about these incidents. She prayed god that Joginder and his family should not create any troubles in their life.

What will happen next in Gunjan’s life? We have to wait for her next move.

—————————-Gunjan Part1 End—————————————————-