This story is based on the humane act of a character named Balram. It narrate, how he teaches today’s kids the importance of obeying their elders.


Long time ago, there lived a boy named Ram, aged 12, in Sitapur village. His curly hair, falling swiftly on a cute and round face made him loved by everyone in the village. He was a super smart and intelligent kid with a “gang” of about five children, all of the same age except a boy Sidhu who was one year younger than all in the whole lot.

The whole village was just so fed up of the group due to their notorious acts that they often got scolded by one or the other villager but their utmost innocence and respect towards everyone made them get love and care from everyone.

Once, they all went for a cycling race round the village, there they saw a big bungalow with a farm having loads of raw mango trees. The farm had an owner with good muscular body, long hair going till shoulders and robust image with red-fiery eyes. They could not get their eyes off from the mouth-watering green mangoes and decided to enter the farm. As they tried to go in, they were stopped by a guard outside the gate. With a moderate frame, stupid face with thin eye-brows, having a hat on his head wearing kurta-pyjama, he stopped them and warned them against the ill-effects of going in. they had to then leave and proceed.

Ram being the naughtiest among the whole lot, decided to enter the farm. All his friends warned him of the guard’s saying.

But he decided to enter it from the backgate, hiding from everyone. They planned the whole stuff and headed to the farm the very next day. They entered the farm, got the mangoes and went home happily.

Again they wished to do the same, went on and entered the farm but this time around, the owner of the farm, Balram had planned a conspiracy. He had knit a web to catch them. As and when they started plucking the mangoes, he came along with his guard and tried to catch the children. There was a lot of hustle-bustle, with everyone running here and there. The children were finally able to escape unhurt but as soon as they drove their cycle, they realized that Sidhu was not with them and realized that he was left in the farm only.

Balram also caught a hold of Sidhu as he had got stuck on a tree and was not able to get down. Ram and his friends decided to get back to Balram to let him free sidhu but in vain. Instead he asked them to get his parents meet him. Now, all of them had to tell the whole story to their parents.

Sidhu’s parents met balram, asked him the reason for the meeting and then Balram made his son, sohan meet them who had lost his capability to walk due to mistake ram and his friends had done. This was just a way to teach them a lesson that if your elders ask you not to do anything, its not because they want you to deprive from anything but just because of your safety.