Once upon a time, there was a boy named Krishna who lived in a small hut. He had no one behind him as a family to support him and send him to school. But he never complained to god. For earning money, he used to make pots and sell them in thhe nearby market every wednesday and saturday. He had no friends to play with him because he was too busy in earning for his livelihood but he never felt bad and kept going like this. One wednesday, when Krishna was returning from the market after selling all the pots, he saw a beggar who was very sad and crying on the side of the road. He went there and asked him what happened. But beggar did not replied and kept crying. Krishna consoled him for somme time and asked him again what happened. Beggar told him that he was hungry since past four days and he did not even ate a bite, so, he badly wanted food otherwise he would not survive. Krishna ran quickly to a shop and bought some food for the beggar and returned back. Beggar was eating food so peacefully which gave krishna some happiness. He gave all his money to the beggar instead of knowing that he will not be able to buy food for two days until he sell again pots in the saturday market. But he did not cared and gave all his money to the beggar to see the smile on his face. When he reached home, he went to kitchen to search some food because he was hungry. Suddenly, he saw a loaf of bread. He thought who left this here but he could not find out. He ate all that for two. That loaf of bread was left by a old grandma who used to help that poor child everytime. This storu give us lesson that who help others god help him.