The story describes the expectation of the family from a girl.


Mehak was so tired that she couldn’t able to walk. Her house is in the first floor and there is no elevator to reach her house. So she sat down. After few minutes her mom came down as she would wait near the main gate of her apartment daily till her daughter reaches the home. When her mother reaches downstairs she had noticed that her daughter is sitting in the floor. So she was worried.

Mother: Mehak, what happened to you?

Mehak: ma, I am so tired and can’t even move

Mother: oh my god. Are you not feeling well?

Mehak: ma, there is nothing to worry. I am ok but tired.

Mother: ok then you need not to go for work tomorrow.

Mehak: no way. I have to attend an important meeting tomorrow. I can’t avoid that. Then she started moving slowly towards her house.

Mother: you would never listen to my words.

Mehak: ma, I am feeling hungry.

Mother: finally you have asked for food. Then she served food for Mehak.

Mother: Mehak, why don’t you change your job?

Mehak: ma, what are you saying? I have faced lot of struggles to reach this position and I am waiting for my promotion. So I can’t change my job. But why are you asking this now?

Mother: I thought if you change your job then you may not face this much of work pressure and you would reach the home soon.

Mehak: smiled and said ma, whatever may be the job, there will be work pressure.

Mother: then quit from job.

Mehak: not at all.

Mother: Mehak, you have crossed 25 years. You would have kids now if you have married three years before.

Mehak: smiled and said ma, don’t start again.

Mother: Mehak, I am expecting good news from you. Don’t delay it further.


A Week Later

Mehak: ma, ma….

Mother: what happened?

Mehak: good news for you

Mother: who is the boy?

Mehak: whom?

Mother: for me good news would be related only to your marriage. I spoke to you regarding marriage last week. I thought you are in love and that’s why you are refusing for arranged marriage.

Mehak: ma. That’s not the news. I got promotion. Do you know I am the youngest assistant manager for my concern?

Mother: hmmm. Ok, come let us eat dinner together.

Mehak: ma, I didn’t expect this kind of reaction from you.

Mother: what to do? I have a dream about your marriage.

Mehak: ma, my promotion is not good news for you?

Mother: of course it’s good news and I am proud about you. But I would like to hear good news about your marriage.

Mehak: for the first time in life Mehak feels disappointed.

Meanwhile the phone rings and her mother took the receiver.

Mother: Mehak, I think today is a good day for our family.

Mehak: what happened ma, you are looking so happy.

Mother: yes, nidhi called me now.

Mehak: ma, why you didn’t say that didi is on the line? What’s the good news? Is she got transfer to our city?

Mother: oh no. she is pregnant.

Mehak: wow, that’s really good news. But what about her job

Mother: just now she told me that she will resign the job soon.

Mehak: but why?

Mother: she didn’t get transfer and she is not willing to continue with the job at this time.

Mehak: ok ma.


1 Month Later

Mother: Mehak, speak with your didi and congratulate her

Mehak: ma, what happened now?

Mother: your Jija ji got promotion.

Mehak: ma, I am happy now. But can I ask you a question?

Mother: tell me Mehak.

Mehak: ma, I too got promotion last month. But you are not happy and did not congratulate me like this. Why ma?

Mother: Mehak, as a mother I would like to hear good news about marriage from daughters like you and nidhi. I will be happy to know the job related good news from my sons.

Mehak: she was shocked. Mehak was thinking when this kind of thinking will change?