Diary of someone can tell many things. Here, Sameera is sharing her thoughts and experiences.

“Dear diary….I started working in a non government organisation. I went there and taught socially vulnerable kids. We as a group strived for socially backward classes. Those people have parents but they do not have capabilities that they can give proper guidance and education to their kids. Many stories were told to us. People gave motivating speeches and shared amazing experiences about the things they are doing for last three years. Everyone had so much beautiful experiences that made me write things about it….Evidence of positive aura and things people should think, listen are there around. Populace were teaching from 5th standard in that NGO.

Further she continued, “These organisations have particular pathway of teaching things. That organisation had changed the lives of many in a way…. Every time when you come along with me I know you observe the joy and happiness carefully. I really feel so proud about the things they are doing and unorthodox ways they are following are so motivating. I have no words…” This is something ironic one can mention in a diary.

Further she said, “Raising huge amounts is very important to support such causes. This year I have raised Rs.40,000 from my relatives and random people also. So one of my experiences in the hospital, I was sitting with the t-shirt and sticker of that NGO.  Looking at that someone asked what is that…? what do you do? At that point I actually pitched the guy about the work and everything she has done with all the passion available. He told I don’t need any receipts or anything, but keep the good work going. I want to support such kids because I was one of them and I really want such kids to go forward. They should also contribute in building the society in a very better manner.”

The experience she shared, “Those feelings and emotions that I actually had leaded her fundraise during a travelling also. During my train journey from Chennai to Kolkata many people saw my talking on my phone and doing some presentation. Then a person asked out of curiosity about the work and non government organisation. While travelling also I managed to raise 10,000 rupees from populace who were sitting beside her. I gained confidence after pitching a C.A and a higher official of Bajaj finance. They knew all the specs of the finance. So first she gave them a brief about NGO… what we do…. he also said something like receipts are not needed but some output should change the nation. Where you are using that money in a very important…. Transparency of such organizations is extremely important. Then other motivating experiences I will be writing in here. People of India need to move and give a small helping hand to such souls. They just think about making their lives better and improving their household conditions. Such population will surely help in the development of the country……”

Date: 24/01/2017