This question often entangles my mind and creates knots. What is the future…the perfect ideal future for women? An XX chromosome born from the same womb that was the shelter to the ‘He’ but then what holds for the ‘she’. Is it to play around with Dolls and then become a doll herself in the hands of someone? To bear and rear children and to live in the four walled palace, is this where she belongs? Is this her goal in life her own Vision AND Mission of life is it to be known as a ‘Mrs.’ Someday the chastity that is inbound in her is it so that she can please those around is that why she is brought into the World to be a puppet in the hands of a few.

Why can’t she fly high in the sky, live in a home which has no glass ceilings and she can float amidst the clouds with her wings open wide to soar up high in the skies. Why can’t she be the wanderer who loves to travel with ear plugs on listening to her favorite music and travel across the globe with contentment in heart and smile upon her face. Why does she need a ‘He’ when in her lives Durga, Kali and Mother Mary. Why can’t she live for herself other than banking upon a Male individual to guide and take care when she herself is capable of taking care and is the epitome, the Lords most magnificent creation.

Why can’t she have her own worth her own identity? Why is her future written at birth that says ‘to be caged in the four walled cage till eternity ‘?