The story revolves around before Partition India when it was called a “Golden Bird”. All communities lived with harmony, without any conflicts. There was no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or creed.


There was a village, Solapur of around 50,000 population and spread over an area of 50-80 acres at the border of Rajasthan. This village truly reflected the concept of a Harmonious India.

The story is about the friendship of two boys, Aslam and Rahul. Aslam belonged to a lower class Muslim family. His father was a semi-skilled labour. He worked as a labour at farms during crop season and otherwise, as a potter. Whatever he earned daily went into buying basic necessities for the family. While Rahul belonged to an upper class Hindu family. His father was a priest at the only temple of the village. That’s why, his family was a reputed family and everyone respected them. Whatever marriage, puja or function was organised.. he was invited there to perform required rituals.

Rahul and Aslam were fast friends.. lived as if were brothers and not just friends. Studied in the same government school and also in the same class. Both were very good at studies. Both were regular at each other’s home. Rahul would sometime even call Aslam’s mother, Ammi. Such was the cordial relationship between their families. The school did not provide senior secondary higher education, so they couldn’t study there after their high school. Both had grown up together, but now had to part ways as Rahul’s father could afford higher secondary education but not Aslam’s father due to poor financial conditions. Rahul went away but Aslam was left behind. This disturbed him and his family a lot.

Rahul’s father couldn’t see it as he knew that he had great potential to do something in life and would surely become something in life.

He knew that Aslam was determined to study. So he promised Aslam to provide higher education and thus, asked his father to send him out of the village. At first, he seemed hesitant but knowing his son’s potential, he agreed.

Rahul and Aslam went on to succeed well in their lives with Rahul owning a diamond jewellery business and Aslam becoming a reputed, A grade officer in tax department.

Once, Rahul got in a scam of tax evasion and came under scrutiny of the tax department. He was presented before Aslam. At first, none of them knew about the identity of each other. But as soon as they faced each other, both were elated and just hugged each other. Then Rahul narrated the whole incident that how he had been dragged into a fake scandal so that his reputation in the market is destroyed. Aslam knew about the honesty of his childhood friend and believed him a lot.

A committee was set-up to look into the matter and at the last, I was found that Rahul’s accountant was responsible for the whole incident and that he had been doing this for a long time. He fired him at that moment and thanked Aslam for his support and trust.

Aslam said,” Don’t be grateful to me. Your father helped me build my future. It is my responsibility to protect his son and protect his image if he is honest. I have just let off the debt I had of your father on me and my family. Thanks a lot to you actually. “