Not just humans, even this doll has a heart too. She is there by your side when you need her but where do you disappear when she is the one that wants you to be present? Someone’s love is not a raincoat that you slip on when there is a storm.


Daily lights flashed in my eyes and darkness spread in front of them. I saw new adorable faces each day. I couldn’t move as I was packed tightly in my plastic box. I felt sad when my friends used to leave the shelf and share a new home with a jolly little girl. But one day, to my luck, I also found an angel willing to take care of me. I couldn’t help smiling all the way from the multi storey mall to the big villa.

That night I slept inside a warm blanket with a soft hand resting on me as if I was the one protecting her from evil dreams. The next morning, I woke up before Meghna and saw her mom approach with a glass of milk in her hand. She told Meghna to get ready for school. After Meghna was dressed up smartly in her white school uniform, she changed my clothes and combed my hair with a pink brush. She made use of all the accessories that I came along with. While eating her breakfast, she offered me her carrot and cucumber sandwhich. She was overjoyed when her mom allowed her to take me to school with her to meet all her friends.

In the bus she made me sit on the window seat. She showed me the park in which she played hide and seek with her friends, the small but cute ice cream parlour that her dad bought her to every weekend where she had double scoop tooty frooty in a waffle cone, the salon where she gets her haircut and cries after it and the doctor’s clinic who always gives her a lollipop after the check up. The moving vehicle halted to a stop and it was time to make the big grand entry.

Meghna held me in her delicate hands so carefully as if I was even more precious than expensive jewellery. She introduced me as Minni to all her friends who looked gleamingly at me although I could make out that some of them even passed envious looks to Meghna. Because she was feeling so proud by showing me to others, I felt worthy and proud myself. Learning all those three lettered words, opposites and cookies and chocolates word problems with her was a delight. The recess bell rang and they all formed a line to go to the washroom to wash their hands. Meghna washed my hands too and the water felt cold. She took me to the canteen where everywhere one could see only children and children smiling, giggling and running around. She filled her tray with French fries and ketchup and I knew I was up for a treat. She tied her handkerchief around my neck and told me to wait while she bought tissues for herself.

How long was I supposed to wait for? Because as far as I remember, I was thrown off the table, food squashed at my face and been stepped on.