They lie about intimacy; it has nothing to do with the skin. This was something she always heard yet never believed; not until he told her that he can resist the cravings of his body to touch hers. The enormous love for herself that she saw in his eyes, gave her Goosebumps and the truth was she was in love with them too. He looked at her the way any woman would love and want to be looked at by her man. His presence draped her in the warmth of comfort, care, emotions, respect; something much more than love and love making. He loved her smile and she loved how he always smiled, seeing her smile.

Within the four walls of the room that night, she was all set to go on the voyage through the tides of emotions and feelings. He told her how he loved the little things about her, of her and in her; starting from the sound of her breaths to their smell. As soon as his hand brushed against hers, she suddenly realized that this was the magic people used to talk about in which she never believed but, that night somehow, she was compelled to believe in magic and she gave him the credits for this.

They looked at each other; the twinkle in their eyes was bright enough to diminish the darkness of that night, their breaths warm enough to let go of that chilly night, their heartbeats fast and loud enough to fade away the stillness of that silent night. Their minds were eventful yet the magic lied in the fact that both of them lacked words. It was just their eyes talking, lips parting to speak up yet unable to give voice to the hustle of their hearts and minds. They looked at each other again this time; the atmosphere was chocked with nervousness and anxiety. It was too much for them to handle and so, she took the initiative to tease him and distract both of them in order to calm their minds and souls, for the tides of the emotions were making the ship unstable, the one they were sailing in. Her finger reached his body to tickle him but, this time he reacted differently.

He closed his eyes to feel that little touch by her and she was overwhelmed by seeing this reaction on his face. She lost it; the flood of emotions already destroyed the walls of coldness that she herself built to protect her heart. She held his beautifully innocent and peaceful face in her palms and tilted her head towards his right ear and took a deep sigh there. He couldn’t resist this gesture of hers and decided to repeat what she just did to him.

He imitated her most of the times and she loved it always but, this particular moment was his best imitation of hers and favorite performance for her. His hands made way to her face and he bent towards her as well, taking a deep sigh near her left ear. This was the moment she melted. Like the right timing, the right touch; this right person in her life gave her the feeling she never experienced; as indescribable as this feeling was, it was undoubtedly peaceful. This feeling overwhelmed her like, the sight of food does to someone who has been starving for days; this feeling was as overwhelming and peaceful as that of an awaited orgasm for a normal human. They weren’t normal; this moment wasn’t usual.

As divine as it seems, it was a joyful reunion of two souls that had known each other for years already and yet always longing to know a little more of each other. They both sat still for some time, holding each other’s hands gently and looking into each other’s eyes. None of them remembers exactly when that sometime ended but, for them it was as short as a second yet as never-ending as forever. She realized that he was the peace that people searched for; in music, in books, in nature and in the process of finding him, she had experienced it all.

For her, finding him was as peaceful and relaxing as coming home and she knew that he was her final destination.