This incident took place during a festival in Assam. It was the time of Bohag Bihu( a folk festival of Assam) in the month of April and I was at my paternal grandparents house. Everyone was busy in the evening at juighar( a kaccha house built to enjoy bonfire, where people sit and talk. ) and glasses of haanj(a local drink prepared from fermented rice ). But for me it was no enjoyment because I was sick due to change of weather.  No one was inside the house. But my mom consistently came to check me in a duration of 1 hour. She ensured that I was doing well and served me hot soup. She entered my room and kept the bowl of soup on the table beside my bed and said ,’I prepared some hot pepper soup. Have it.’ I nodded my head as I could not respond immediately.

I sat on the bed after sometime. I noticed that it was raining heavily outside. Suddenly, there was a power cut and had no inverter as in normal Indian villages doesn’t. It was all dark but due to lightning and thunderstorm outside some light was possible through the window, so somehow I managed to get up from the bed and head towards the kitchen for kerosene lantern.  I went out of my room and there was a hall to my right and kitchen to my left. I faced towards the kitchen but than I heard someone cracking betel nut as many elderly people in the village area have betel nut after food. I could feel the breeze from outside through a window and making me chill. As I turned to the hall I could see my great-grandmother smiling at me and said, ‘go and get some betel nut from the kitchen. I missed it so much all these years.’ 

I was terrified to see her crack betel nut in the same area she used to when she was alive. She passed away few years back. But than light came and she never appeared in front of me ever again.