This is a story of a very small village where a farmer and his only child resided. The son was a burglar who targeted homes for his thefts. Up until the day his cup was filled, he maintained this terrible lifestyle. He stole a significant amount of money from the richest guy in his village, and that day he was unable in making his usual getaway. When the farmer discovered that his money was gone, he quickly notified the police. The police began an investigation and, after concluding that the youngster had stolen the money, they imprisoned him.

After a few months, it came time to start farming, but the farmer was too elderly and frail to dig the ground any longer, so he penned this letter to his son who was serving time in jail. “Son, I can’t dig the field this year, so I won’t plant cassava and yam. If you were here, you would have helped me,”.

The son was deeply moved by his father’s message, and after giving it some thought, he wrote back to him, telling him not to even consider digging a hole in the field since that is where he hid the money he had stolen.

The Policemen went early in the morning after reading this letter and dug across the entire field in search of the money, but they found nothing.

The son again wrote to his father the next day. “Dad, you can now plant your yam and cassava; this is the best I can do from here.”

Dad retorted, “My son, you are really too powerful; even while you’re incarcerated, you still order police officers to work for me. I was astonished to see the IGP and his staff excavating in my land with hoes and shovels. When I wish to harvest, I shall write to you.

Moral  Lesson-  Nobody can imprison your mind.