Fairytale a word that romanticizes every mind. A tale where a prince comes in a white horse and saves the princess, a tale of love, magic and fairies. Though the imagination of romance is limited in today’s generation where the princess isn’t helpless and there is sometimes neither a prince nor a white horse. A generation with mobile phones and tablets and laptops, where everyone wants an independent life and where people being self sufficient who doesn’t believe in faires and magic and miracles. But, there was a girl who believed in love, who believed in magic of love and fairies, a girl who wanted a soulmate for life. While returning home from her vacation she met a boy in the train, who looked like a prince and talked sweet words of love to her. She believed it was a love at first sight. But was soon heartbroken when she saw her prince treating every girl he met in the train the same way. Talking the same sweet words of love. Her picture of fairytale was broken. After reaching home she cried a lot thinking of the sweet prince who was sweet to every girl.

She took her phone posted her thoughts of “never falling in love again” in social media. Never in her life, she was going to believe in love at first sight again. The next day in college everybody asked her of what her post was about she told about the certain boy who she thought was a prince. There was another boy in her college, in her class listening to everything she was talking about and sighing on relief that everything worked in his favour. A boy who was in love with her since the first day of the college. He didn’t want to waste any more time and was thinking of proposing immediately, when the ceiling fan suddenly broke and was going to fall on the girl. He immediately ran to grab her and the fan fell upon his hand. The girl looking shockingly at the boy for what has happened now. The boy then expressed his worry “Are you okay?” The girl confusingly answered “I should be the one asking you!!”. He was rushed to hospital, where in the way, he confessed his love to the girl with the three magical words “I love you!!”, Leaving the girl shocked. She realised the real prince was here all the time. That’s when magic happened and she heard a loud “thump” in her heart. This was it. The feeling of love. She believed again in the fairytale she once refused to not to believe in anymore. After the treatment, she saw the boy resting with all minor injuries, she sighed with relief and then she said “I love you too!!”, and posted about the same thing, “falling in love, #fairytale” in her social media.