It all began on that fateful evening, when this creep, who thought the easiest way to a woman’s heart is to stare at her, followed Anita to her home, and left obscene messages on her old dusty camaro… Although she ignored this incident that day but she had no idea about what more is there in store for her.

Anita is a single mother. Her life’s tragedy is rooted too deep. When she married for love, both of the families were against them, and disowned them without a second thought. But Anita and Suraj built their own world under a small roof. Their happiness was cut short as very soon her husband became jobless and passed away in an accident 4 months ago. At this point she was left with no choice but to take up some work. Hopelessly tired and shattered she continued to live a normal life doing a regular 9-5 job.

Next morning she woke up early to clean the car, so that neighbors don’t get to witness what she faced the previous night. She herself tried forgetting all about it and prepared her son for school and herself for bakery shop, where she was working as a waitress. While shutting the door, she realised someone was standing at a distance, just staring towards their home. Quickly realizing that he was the same person again and was actually staring at her. She gave him a rude look and walked past him. But this trick didn’t work effectively, as then onwards it became his habbit to stare at her. she was being followed by the tall thin stranger every single day. He would not miss a single chance on rubbing against her shoulder in crowded spaces.

By the end of a week she was feeling scared for her safety. Even her son, Ravi, pointed out one day saying, ” Mom, a tall man comes to stand in front of our house every day, what if he is a robber shall we call police”? But Anita didn’t wanted to let the whole neighborhood know about it and make concieted stories about her, so she decided on keeping things to herself. She only told one of her couligue about the incident and why she can not inform the police about it. Her couligue suggested her to avoid public transport and offered that they could pool her car, which Anita also accepted instantly.

Things were back to normal soon after. She saw the tall thin man once or twice again and after that he also seemingly stopped trying to reach her. After long, one day her son didn’t returned back from school till late. Concerned, Anita called everybody she knew around, none had any idea about him. She also called at his school reception but noone picked up the call. Ultimately she locked her home and went to the local market to ask for Ravi. There she went to simpson’s candy store, where he was an unfailingly regular visitor. She asked the store owner showing a child’s photo, ” my son is missing since afternoon, have you seen him around today”. Shopkeeper, knew the boy very well, he replied,” Yes Madam, he is our precious customer, infact we get along very well. It is strange if he is missing because I remember he came here this afternoon and after he left I was watching him till he reached his house”. The shop keeper smirked saying, “he must be trying to scare you, nothing else.

Relieved Anita strode back home. She unlocked the door, and started searching everywhere for Ravi. She called his name many times, he never answered. At last she went to the store room. There Ravi was sitting, next to a thin tall man. It was none other than the stranger who use to stalk Anita. She was baffled at the sight of her sobbing son and a poker faced stranger in her own house without her knowledge. She couldn’t run away this time because her son was the bait. She knew there was no escape, so she finally surrendered.

He slowly started walking towards her, just like an ideal psycho. Her son was watching. Anita was falling weak. Her brain was giving her multitude of suggestions all far out and unreasonable. She knew what is approaching next. And she was tired of being a victim of fate. In one moment she decided she would ask for mercy but the intruder was a professional, he kept moving towards her. She saw Ravi’s face for one last time, his innocent eyes were shut with uncertain fear. A sudden thought passed through her mind which laid to rest, every other thought for a moment. She took an iron rod and before he could defend himself or know what was her plan, the rod hit his head. Within the fraction of a second he was lieing in a pool of blood, unconcious or dead. Anita knew nothing about it, she didn’t want to know anything either. She did what she felt right in the heat of that moment. She rushed to her son and hugged himand cried.

Months later in the court room today she is convicted for a murder. A pale looking lawyer ezplaines her case to the listeners.

Her son is also here, he was being bullied at his school, by the police and by his teachers. They taunt him about his murderer mother. He ignores them silently.

Judge asked her to narrate the incident as per her memory, to which she responded, “It was all my fault. I wish I had informed the police earlier, It might have made some difference. So all I can tell you is why he was murdered…”

As she narrated her story, she was feeling satisfied from inside that she saved her son’s innocence, which was at most important for her. Ravi knew the truth. He doesn’t think Anita is a murderer infact he idolize her as his hero. Anita was a victim and she has passed on her bad luck to her only child in the form of loneliness. She will be punished, certainly, and her son will have to face a hard life alone. She sobs, as the procecutor continues to watch her pitiful face with disdain. No doubt, she was guilty in the eyes of law, but in reality, she was a courageous lady and a protective mother, which is the true essence of womanhood.