Entries : One Line Story Contest

Jai Hind

Some are Indian soldiers as well shailNot all those who stay awake whole night are insomniacs. Some are Indian soldiers as well.


newborn-baby-mother-adorable-Winners never quit was her favorite lines. She quit her job to take care of her kid. Sometimes quitting is important for your dear ones.

Love is love

saloni drolia one line story 1“Preferably in the medical field. Done” “Ma, a matrimonial site? Seriously?” “My daughter is a doctor. If my daughter-in-law is one too, retired life will be sorted.” Coming out was the best decision ever.

The Birthday Gift!

poorStarting his birthday with a void, his friends asked him what present he would want. “Them!” he said with wet eyes, pointing towards a parent couple who were distributing sweets in the orphanage.


W.R. Anbu Mathika mother“ Ma! A little kajal and some eyeshadow is what I need now.  ” He said to his blind mother. It was her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.


Oindri Kundu BOOKSWalking away, she whispered, “I will be back for you.” The books in the shop nodded, knowing she meant every word.


I WOUND PEOPLE STORY STORIEO“I wound people”, said knife proudly. “I wound people more than you do.” Smirked Word Silence in the background just laughed at their naivety.


Prince one line story that single personAnd there comes a time when we have a lot of persons who are with us in our grief, In our happiness and in all the feels But we still demand for the one whom we love Nothing matter how many are with us That single absence affect us a lot We just only want…

Scarred Childhood

Preeti Talwar Scarred Childhood StorieoScarring my childhood with his touch and again he was there in front of me. I squirmed when he hugged me,wolf  in sheep clothing.


Old man overheard Doctor informing about his Alzheimer's. Family was sad but he was happy for making new friends everyday.Old man overheard Doctor informing about his  Alzheimer’s. Family was sad but he was happy for making  new friends everyday.


Vaidehi Parve one line story SurvivalThe blunders of chaotic life, through every accusation I am facing, through the harsh words of the society or undisciplined actions of mine, through the wicked winds, through the shallow vein..everything is just so smart and well planned to cut off my survival!


utopia story storieoUtopia is in a mind which prefers observing over judging , contemplating over blabbering and admiring the positive over ridiculing for the negative.

The Mother’s Gift

images (4)Her mother burned herself like pheonix to bring maya to life, today, she was too proud to carry on that legacy to her own grave.


Before I could say anything my eyes started responding heavily himanshu  Have you ever been betrayed? she asked. Before I could say anything my eyes started responding heavily.