Vivaan’s love for Monika has converted to hatred. Monika sees Vivaan in trouble and wants to know about its cause named Vaibhav. She knows that Vivaan would not tell her the reason. So how will she find out the cause of trouble? Will this affect the strained relations?

Two days passed after the incident. She went to college after these days as she became physically well. Mentally, she couldn’t forget what Vivaan did that day. Monika had less lectures and she felt like having her favourite milkshake at Pankaj Dairy. So she went there. She told about the incident which happened two days ago.

“Vivaan was never like this. What has happened to him?”

“The love has converted to frustration. Anyways, can you tell something about Vaibhav as in about his family background or where he lives? Anything?”


“Have you ever been to Shastri Park? If you have, you must have seen a white vintage bungalow en route, that is where he lives. That mansion belongs to Brijendra Prasad Sharma and he lives with his brother’s family in there. He has had a successful family business and is savouring it’s profits till date,” and then whispered to Monika,” and he has a lot of black money which he has invested in buying 6-7 plots of land all over the country.”


Monika watched him with big eyes due to awe,” That is too much.”


He gave a grin,” So how is my young spy going to find out about the trouble?”


Monika gave it a thought and asked ,” Do you know anyone who can tell?”


“They have a servant- Manu. He’s really dissatisfied with his boss because of salary issues. Maybe he can help. And also he comes to my shop for buying dairy.”


“Wonderful! If he comes here, give me a call. And please don’t tell about all this to anyone.”


After a few minutes, Vivaan and Manish came to Pankaj Dairy. Pankaj bhai could not keep the secret and told everything Monika went through.


“Let me tell you one thing. Childhood friendships like yours are very rare and you’re lucky enough to have got it in form of Monika. She is a good girl. She never thought anything bad for you. You should admit your mistake and go make apologies for your mistake. What if, someone treated you in the way you treated Monika?”

Vivaan pondered upon those words. He realized Pankaj bhai was right. He decided to go and say sorry to her and consolidate the bond between them.

Monika was about to go home but a girl wanted company to play badminton, so for 15 minutes she played badminton till the girl was summoned by her mother.


Monika went towards home. There she saw Vivaan with Manish. Vivaan waved his hand to Monika. Monika decided to ignore as she predicted something negative about it. But Vivaan asked her to wait as he had something to talk with her. Monika went backwards. Vivaan held his ears and said ,”Sorry.”


Monika asked,” What for?”


“I thought so much wrong about you. But still you were willing to help me and I was stupid enough not to recognise it.”


“I didn’t get you. What are you talking about?”


Manish said, ” Come on Monika, we know everything. You enquired about Vaibhav from Pankaj bhai. Is it true?”


“Yes I did,” Monika was puzzled but later she said in a confused tone ” I asked him not to tell about it to anyone.”


Manish added, ” He is like that. You remember Vivaan, that day when he went to a concert along with Naman?”


Vivaan nodded.


” I met Pankaj bhai before going and I had told lies to my parents about going to my friend’s place to study. Then she came to buy things from him and he told the truth. Dad was about to kick me out when he got to know about it.”


Monika and Vivaan hid their laughter.


Vivaan said,” I knew that by heart and soul you’re a true spy and you could not live without knowing the truth behind that incident. And I was stupid enough to have broken our childhood friendship just like that. I’m once again very sorry.”


” You need not be. It was your anger which made you do it.” Monika said.


“Only a psychologist can think that way.” Manish told Vivaan.


“Psychologist?” Monika questioned,” Philosopher.” She corrected, ” Anyhow will you tell me what’s going on? And why had you thrown your phone that day? And why didn’t you make an effort to get back your phone when it was stolen? And what about your bike? Why did Vaibhav confiscate it?”


“I’ll tell you everything, but not here.” They went to a small park nearby and went to a secluded spot.


Vivaan began,” I have witnessed a murder..”


“I?” Manish interrupted.


“I mean to say, me and Manish witnessed a murder. Happy?”


“Carry on.”


” We both went to Shastri Park 4 days ago. I was making a video. I thought I would upload a new Snap Story.There we saw Vaibhav with another man. That man was  middle-aged. They were arguing over something. Then suddenly Vaibhav took out a knife and stabbed many times on him. I was secretly shooting all this. Vaibhav had seen us shooting video. He came running towards us. We ran as fast as we could and went back with my bike. I am sure Pankaj bhai must have told Vaibhav about me. Few minutes later, he reached my house and took my bike and warned me if I told the police about it, he would sell off my bike. Dadda will break my bones if he gets to know about it.”


“Oh God! And what about the phone which was stolen day before yesterday?”


The boys looked at each other and smiled,


“That was Manish’s phone I threw that day. I had seen Vaibhav and I knew he would attempt to steal my cell. So I threw that deliberately. And things worked according to the plan. But I am sorry for the hurt you suffered because of it.”


“But did that phone have the video?”


“It did not. It had latest movies,”Manish said, “And I need that phone. I had promised Naman for movies.”


“Why didn’t you go on to complain about it to the police? They could  have  helped you and that too with solid proof.”


“Vaibhav had been exerting too much pressure on us, not to tell police about it so we got scared. But now I think it’s high time.” Vivaan answered.


The trio decided to head towards police station. En route, they encountered Vaibhav along with his gang of friends.


“Seems like friendship is on its way,” and three of his friends grabbed them and one of them took Monika’s cycle.


“My cycle!!!” Monika screamed.


“I should have guessed your future action that day you met at Pankaj Bhai’s shop. And Vivaan, who were you making fool of?” and later added in an authoritative tone,” If you want to get your things back give me 2 lakhs. Or I’ll sell off your things. And this cycle as scrap.” Then he pointed towards the one who held Vivaan,” Take his phone!”


All of them went away in the SUV, one of them driving Monika’s cycle.