It was the 5th of December 2016 and Louis was to reach home on the 30th and was free for the next six months, this thought really motivated him and he was very happy. His happiness was noticed by the other crew members too and in the evening, they would all gather at the canteen and tease Louis about various marriage aspects, it was a good sport for all of them. They never expected anything wrong to happen, but the odds were not in their favour and the same night they were informed about an attack by their rival country on a big city with more than four hundred to be predicted dead.

Soon this war took a sharp turn and their ship was given an order to fire back at the enemy country as a response for their attack. This would mean that the fight could turn into a really devastating war and would damage both the sides, but being the captain, he had to follow his orders and fired a bomb on their shore.

Within hours this fight turned into a full – fledged war with more than six countries to be involved. With orders to fire continuously at the country Louis knew that it was not long enough before they ran dry of their fuel reserve of their container as the ship was on a regular check tour and was carrying just enough fuel to get the back to their country let alone the firearms. This was a really tense time for everyone on the ship, they mutually decided to follow the order and keep firing the remaining rounds and let their fate decided their future.

After two days, they ran out of firearms and their fuel too, they were stranded in the middle of the sea waiting and hoping for help to arrive though they knew that this was not possible. All day they sat in their basement rooms and prayed to be rescued. It was not long before they were warned of the first incoming bomb that was directed towards them and were further warned to be ready for more such attacks.

On the same day, the ship experienced five more of such attacks and it got destroyed and sank. When Angela came to know about the ship under attack and a news headline reading that all the members were potentially dead she broke out. She had lost all her hope of seeing her husband again and cried continuously for long number of hours, she was not able to sleep or eat at all, all she did was to remember their moments together and cry over them. Little did she knew that her husband was completely fine and was with the rest of the crew of the ship who were taken in as a prisoner of war by the enemy before destroying the ship completely.

On the other hand, the crew was kept in really bad conditions and were given nothing to eat, they were left to starve until they revealed any secret about their country which would help the enemy country.