Covered by bushes, herbs and shrubs, the barren land turned into forest 100 years ago. The forest was covered by tall trees, where the canopy of trees provided shade to every animal residing there. Every shade of green was there. It was a dense forest which had immense richness of species. The king of the animal, Lion had a control over each animal living there. The pride that the lion carried was amazing. Every animal was feared of him. Animals living there had a huge respect of him. All over the forest was incredible.

In a cave near to mountain lived lion and lioness with his cubs. The river which flowed near the lion’s cave was filled with pure crystal like water. The water was shallow. The clubs used to play there and that glimpse of happiness they carried on their face was incredible.

On a bright sunny day when the lion’s family consumed all the flesh that they had. The went for hunting. Searching for their prey they went too far way leaving their cubs all alone behind them.

It was dawn when the cubs realized that their parents hadn’t returned home back. They were starving a lot since they haven’t eaten since morning. They started fighting with each other in frustration. There was a goat nearby which was seeing the scenario by standing behind the tree but was afraid to go in front of them fearing the cubs would eat her. But due her soft heart and the kindness that was filled inside her. She went towards them and feed them with her milk. The cubs didn’t even make a scratch on her. After getting their stomach filled, they were roaming around, playing and were having fun. Suddenly, the lion and lioness returned and they went all blue the lion wanted to hunt goat to keep their cubs safe. In-between all this the cubs all together said that she has helped us and has done a great favor on us, otherwise we would have died.

The lion went on cloud nine and said gratefully we will never forget your this favor. Go and explore whatever you want and enjoy it to the fullest with the freedom. No one will ever say you anything. Now, the goat roamed all over the forest fearlessly. She would even sit on the lion’s back and reached to heights to tall trees eating the leaves of the tree.

Observing all this, a giant black eagle asked with bewilderment to the goat about this and understood the importance of countenance. Eagle kept thinking this all day long, and thought why not to experiment this. Eagle saw that a group of new-born rats were trapped inside the swamp. They were making hard efforts to get out of the marshy swamp, but as they step one inch out of the swamp they would sink two inches in the swamp. All their efforts went into vain.

Eagle grab each new-born rat at a time with his claws and similarly with other rats and made them reach a safer place. Rats were completely wet when they were brought out of the swamp and were shivering out of cold. Eagle was full of kindness and helped them by wrapping his wings all around the little rats so that they might get warmth and will stop shivering. The little rats got stiff relief from it.

After a very long time when the eagle started flying made eagle stunned with eyes wide opened. Eagle was in a perplex. The little rats gnawed the wings of eagle.

Eagle rushed to the goat and told her about the vents that happened to him. Eagle said I did these act of favor to little rats and you did the act of favor to the lion. “We both did the same. We both reaped the same crop then why ere the fruits were different.” He exclaimed.

Goat laughed so much at this incident and sedately said to the eagle, that you can only do the “commendation” to lions not to the rats.

Cowards like rats will never remember the benevolence  that you did to them, they think that forgetting the favors that they get is a sign of bravery for them. And spirited lions will never forget the favors they took for their whole life time.