Residing in Delhi since my birth, I’ve always wanted to discover it from the start to the end, I know that it’s practically impossible to do it in a day’s time but who said to explore fully, we broke down the city to pieces and decided to visit each part every week till all the places on the list were striked off.

It was the morning of January 2017 when I received a text from my brother that “metro stations” was today’s topic, I was surprised and shocked and thought what would we explore on a metro station it’s washrooms, but my brother had a different plan, we decided to drive along the yellow line and stop at each station that would come by, in this way we’ll be able to discover the station as well as its location, to which I agreed.

We started at 12 noon and thought we’ll finish by 6pm, you won’t believe that kashmere gate that is like 6th or 7th station on the line was the one we reached till the day end. Samaypur Badli was the first station, a little congested with working class people boarding and getting off the train and a massive queue at the ticket counter, this made us rethink our idea but nevertheless we didn’t lose hope and carried on. A lot of stations came in between samaypur badli and central secretariat being model town, gtb nagar being the cleanest and Rajiv chowk and cashmere gate being the most packed ones. We went on a little de – tour at cashmere gate metro station and climbed a bridge which we did not have to in fact a u – turn was to be taken from beneath it. Going straight as told by the GPS we discovered ourselves at Noida (outskirts of Delhi) and were really worried and tensed as neither of us knew our way back and the GPS still showed straight so we decided to screw the GPS and figure out our way back on our own. What we had to do was really simple just keep our eyes wide open, look for any sign board and ask the local people about our destination. After almost an hour of driving driving and driving and asking at least a dozen of people we finally were going back to the metro station from where all this started (Kashmere gate).

It was late and we had lost all our sunlight figuring out our way back we mutually agreed to go back to our home and come back maybe another day to continue our expedition, but that day passed till today we never went back again, maybe we are too scared to be lost again and entering a new state, overall it was a fun experience and it made the bond between me and my brother only stronger. But the metro station point on the list had been circled in red forever and we decided to leave it aside and continue.