In the modern era of time, there are so many farmers. A year ago I and my father went to our farmhouse for a visit as we usually go over there on weekends to enjoy and spent our time with nature. As we want to stay calm and get relaxation from our busy schedules. While walking in a field alone I saw a huge mango tree with lots of hanging mangoes. Some are raw, some are ripen. I climbed on that tree and started plucking ripen mangoes to eat over there and have plucked some mangoes for home. Then suddenly one farmer working near our field came and start scolding me being a child I don’t know my mistake as well as I don’t know how to recover from that. When I contacted him through my teary eyes he stopped for a while. Then my father reached over there and asked him why he was scolding me. Then he replied; ” Seth it is not the matter of mangoes it is just the matter of the safety of a child and also a matter of my hard work which I have put to grow this tree”. Then my father told me to apologize and go. After apologizing to Kaka I went back to the farmhouse. Then the farmer said to my father; “Seth no one can understand and know the story of my hard work in front of the success which lies through the tastiest mango grown on that tree. Being an understanding person I want to tell you the story behind the success and failure of the farmers. My Father said; “Yes Kaka I will understand and will help you in solving your problems up to my extent. So, you can continue…”

The farmer continued and started sharing his old memories since he thought to become a farmer he said that; ” Seth I am a graduate person of a well-known college. But I have chosen to become a farmer. As this is the best designation for me in this world as I can contribute to the world economy. I was a teen when I lost my father, after losing him my mother was the only homemaker and an earner in my family who make food for me and go to two fields of the same owner every day. When I became mature in class 12th I asked my mother why you are doing that much work in her old age my mother cry and said; ” If I will not work for you then who can work and give food to us? Because you are not having your father and your relatives who can feed us. So that’s why I work for both of us and I want you to be a bold and successful person in the world.” From that day I kept it in my mind and become more mature and take responsibility for my mother and me. On weekends I also started going to fields on a wage basis. We both worked hard and after completing 12th my mother want me to do further education in agriculture after completing graduation we have taken land on an agreement for some time. Then I and mother started doing organic farming which there is more hard-working but every year we make more profit than the previous year. After acquiring more profit and collecting savings we bought the same land from the owner and also made a house. One day my mother and I were sitting near a neem tree when she suddenly said; “Beta you should now marry and make your family but before that, we should grow one tree over here and that should be a mango tree.” I agreed with my mother’s statement and plant a mango tree near a farm. After some days I get married and restructured my family. Things are moving smoothly and the 3 years of marriage I lost my mother. But keeping in mind all the lessons of her I started living with just her memories. In the same year after 3 months, I faced a loss and my crops were destroyed because of heavy rainfall and the unconditional climate. Due to heavy losses, I have faced a year filled with dissatisfaction and poor financial condition. From that year he started farming different crops on the same land in portions. But again he found a loss. Because of global warming uncertainties started happening and environmental disbalance creates problems. But we the farmers never try to lose our temper in any condition we again stand up with confidence and start growing another crop because we never want our country to face and be deprived of starvation. So, continuously after so much loss we again move to grow and provide a portion of food to the people of our country”. He cried and said; but the government will never support us in anyways”.

After listening to the whole story my father hugged him and said; ” You don’t worry Kaka I am with you and I will help you out and will support you. My father appreciated him by saying, that being a literate person no one can choose this field after knowing all the things. But you are the one who is having a great choice with great thinking. So, you just make a community of farmers I will appeal to the government for taking the initiative. After some time the farmer of the country gets benefits from the government through various schemes launched.

The moral of the story is:- Never try to ignore the farmers because they are the backbone of your country and because of only them you are getting food to eat. Otherwise, you will be suffering from starvation.

“Don’t do it for the rich people because they will give you money for satisfaction,  Just do it for the farmers because they will provide you the food to be alive….”