Once Upon a Time, there was a boy named Dave, who belonged to a poor family. He had an abusive father, who would get drunk and take out all his frustration on Dave and a mother who would give every good thing that belonged to him to his younger sister. He would regularly get bullied at school as well.

He was into fantasy and fiction novels and would read them in his leisure.

The only other thing he truly loved was the festival of Halloween. Every year he would dress up as God because he believed that on the darkest night of the year him becoming the light of hope will bring him good times. However, every year the same story would repeat. His bully would throw him in their chemistry teacher’s house pool as the teacher was out of town during that time. Dave would return home and get smacked by his father for staying out late and all the candies that he brought were given to his sister by his mother. However, this one year, one day before Halloween he was sitting in the living room and he saw someone enter the house, they seemed to be tall and red and were lucidly present but everyone else available did not even sense something. The mysterious being walked into Dave’s room. Dave got suspicious and went to look for them, but there was no one. He believed that it was just a daydream but the next day on the occasion of Halloween Dave lost his costume. He was unable to find it. He looked under his bed and found a costume but it was different, it was red and had horns. Dave was horrified at first but soon realized that after 9 years of constant dressing up as the light of hope, it did not matter if he dressed up as the creature of chaos for a change, after all, everyone else would dress up evil. He went out and the moment he saw the bully, he ran to hide. Yonder he noticed that everyone is hugging him and crying. The bully walked towards Dave, apologized and gave him a chocolate and told him that he was leaving the country. Dave became very happy and walked back home and gave the chocolate to his younger sister, he went into his room being aware that he will get beaten up by his father but his father was not there. He was out on the balcony smoking. Dave thought about how easily everything changed and got happy about it all for a moment but then he felt something inside him, a sort of heat and it increased with every passing second. Soon he realized that this just might be the moment he had been waiting for, he thought that this was revenge time, so he went out to the balcony and pushed his father off. He went inside and told his sister to give the chocolate back, she refused. He pushed her head hard into the wall and snatched it. He went out and asked the bully to go to the pool one last time to remember it and have a few good laughs, bully agreed. Dave broke into the house for the premium beers, which only the chemistry teacher had. They went to the pool and sat there and took a sip from their respective bottles, as soon as the bully drank it his mouth and stomach started to burn. Dave stood up, laughed and revealed that it happened because he mixed Hydrofluoric acid in the beers. He pushed the bully into the pool and came back home and went to his room. His mother and sister were scared of him and therefore, the mother called the police officer from next door. The officer pointed his gun at Dave. Dave was terrified but then he remembered from a novel he had read that when you kill someone, their life gets added to yours and therefore he won’t die as he had already killed two people. The policeman shot. To his surprise, the cylinder had no bullets. He leaned over to get hold of Dave but got his foot stuck and fell onto the nail bulging out from the wooden floor and died. Dave laughed and saw the same red being from the previous day standing behind the dead policeman. They smiled and vanished. Dave realized that they were none other than the devil itself.

Dave went on a killing spree after that and chaos became his second identity until the 25th December of that year. On that day he saw a girl walking down the road, he started to follow her but she ran and got away to the other side of the road. Lucky for Dave, it was a red light. He ran to the other side but suddenly an ambulance rushing towards the hospital hit him. He was pushed to the pavement and his head started to bleed.

When everyone came to the rescue and confronted the ambulance driver, he told them that he had to rush because the woman inside is in labour.

Dave bleeding on the corner, soon died and the woman gave birth to a beautiful child.

Divine intervention again destroyed the evil causing misery and hate in the world.