This is the continuation to the story of Business Thieves. Pugazhendhi thought that he was fully out of the case. But he finds that he is not too far from the business thieves.They are after him.


Chapter 16: Kannan’s Plan

Place: Kumaravadi

Date: 20th July 2012


Kannan and Pugazhendhi reached the Land of Muniamma at 11.40 a.m.

They got down from the car.


Kannan looked around the land.

Kannan said,”mmm…a huge loss only”


Pugazhendhi said, “yes sir”

Kannan said, “what is the significant evidence here?”


Pugazhendhi said, “we found tyre marks of a vehicle”

Kannan asked, “What kind of vehicle?”


Pugazhendhi said, “it could be a Van or a tempo traveller”

Kannan said,”mmm…where is that”


Pugazhendhi pointed the direction of the marks.

Kannan said,”Oh, in that point, Ok!”


Pugazhendhi said, “This is why it makes me think that it is not a human job”

Kannan said, “Yes, definitely it is not done by humans”


Kannan said, “we need to appoint a special team in your zone”

Pugazhendhi said,”mmm…ok sir, please do it”


Kannan said, “when we kill them at one point, they are growing at some other point”

Pugazhendhi said, “yes sir”


Kannan said, “And I accept that they are targeting you”

Pugazhendhi said,”mmm…”


Kannan said, “Can I see the Somanathan’s case spot?”

Pugazhendhi said, “It is in Pulipakkam, but there exist the same tyre marks”


Kannan said,”Oh! is it so?”

Pugazhendhi said, “And he has not registered any complaint”


Kannan said,”mmm…ok”

Pugazhendhi said, “if you want we can go there”


Kannan said,”mmm…no not required”

Kannan said, “I will do one thing, within another two days, I will send a special task force”


Kannan said, “They will do a day and night search in all the tempos and vans roaming in this area”

Pugazhendhi said, “Good idea sir”


Kannan said, “yes if required I will also put a camp here”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok sir”


Kannan said, “we will hit them out”

Pugazhendhi said, “yes sir, we need to”


Kannan said,”Ok, will we go now”

Pugazhendhi said, “yes sir”


Both of them got into the car and left the place.

They reached the police station at 12.30 p.m.


Both of them entered the cabin of Pugazhendhi.

They sat in the chairs and relaxed for a while.


Pugazhendhi said, “Sir, we need to take some precautions while using special task force”

Kannan said, “tell me your views”


Pugazhendhi said, “the tempo got loaded with cuboids, we don’t know how many numbers they are”

Kannan said,”mmm…risk is there”


Pugazhendhi said, “and we can’t forget the grenades”

Kannan said,”mmm…we need to get prepared for everything”


Pugazhendhi said, “So, the operation should get done in a careful manner”

Kannan said,”mmm…I will inform them the seriousness of the issue”


Pugazhendhi said, “inform them that it is a case of 100% risk”

Kannan said,”mmm…ok I will”


Kannan said, “Let us also get equipped with grenades”

Pugazhendhi said, “That is your wish”


Kannan said, “I am taking that decision only, let me go for it”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok”


Kannan asked, “What about Lunch?”

Pugazhendhi said, “will we go out for our lunch?”


Kannan said, “Yes we will”’

Both of them came out of the police station.


They got into Kannan’s car and went to a Hotel which was on the highway of G.S.T. road.

After having their lunch, Kannan said,”Ok Pugazh, I need to go”


Kannan added, “I will do one thing, I will drop you and leave for Chennai”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok sir”


Kannan said, “If there is any emergency, please call me at any time”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok sir”


Both of them got into the car.

Kannan dropped Pugazhendhi in his office and he left Pazhamathur.
(To be continued)