One day, Rose gets upsets and starts crying when she is sitting with her mother in the restaurant. She starts yelling and screaming that the scar on her face is not going away and she has to meet a boy in a day. Her mother asks her what happened, how you got this scar and also who is this boy. Her mother says, “I left the house for just two days and you got this.” Rose starts crying and hugs her mother. She starts telling her mother how did this scar come and all the torture she had to go through within these two days of her short life.

She says, “I was coming from my friend’s house and James (her brother) from his friend’s house. He saw me in the lobby, ran towards the house, and closed the door. The handle of the door hit my head and I was bleeding, which I did not know. He pulled me inside my room and made me see my face. I was screaming, “Oh my god, blood.” You will not believe, he was standing there and laughing and rolling on the floor. Afterwards when I started crying, he bandaged me like a mother. I was so touched to see that mom.”

Then, I was standing in the balcony and he came with a mug. The mug was full of cold water and he poured it on me. It was freezing outside and I was freezing too. I was yelling at him, “Are you out of your mind, stupid.” He ran inside and so did I. He came with a towel, threw me inside the bathroom, and locked it from outside. I was totally in belief that he was not my real brother and you have adopted either of us from an adoption house.

I came outside of my room and started searching for the food on the dining table as to what I should eat. However, I smelt something fishy here as well. The sooner I sat on the chair I fell off the chair as per my estimation. Now, who will believe that he is my real brother? I asked him gently what his problem is. He replied with a grin, “YOU.” I lost my calm and asked him, “What do you get out of this?” He says with an innocent smile, “Happiness, I get happiness and relaxation after teasing you. You are the reason of my happiness and for your kind information I hate you to the moon and back.”

I went to my bed and tried to sleep and here he comes with another annoying tactic. He came with a stereo and placed it inside my room and near my ears. He started playing EDM in my room when I was trying to fall asleep. At last, I had to beg him to stop playing music and let me sleep. I had to touch his feet and say that I am loser and he is a winner. Then only he left the room. The amount of I had to feel in these two days were a lot more than any other day.

Today, when I was coming, a boy whistled at me and you will not imagine what happened next. He went straight towards him and hit him so hard that he could not move for a while. I was so happy to see that moment as I felt alive after so long in my life of two days. Her mother starts laughing and Rose felt a bit offended and shy at time.

Everyone knows that every brother loves their sister to infinity and cares for them the most. Though, they will never accept the fact that they love their sisters.