I took a deep breath as I realized, “I am being followed”, my adrenaline surged making my body boil, pumping blood furiously. “Just keep walking, just keep walking”, I fiddled my fingers through my phone reaching out for the SOS button. “Find a way, get lost somehow”, I searched through the dimly lit alley searching a miraculous portal to escape. Funny how I knew, exactly what was in store for me.

His eyes were a darker shade of brown, somehow the glare they threw was enough to pierce through your heart. The first day I met him I approached him a faint little smile and the look he shot, “Damn…”, I muttered under my breath at the depth of that stare, “Calm down Aria, he’s just anti-social, I guess?”

……that brown shade…, it was him, little did I know, or maybe I did, the very day he looked at me. I reached for my pepper spray; thank God I am prepared for such situations. “Now get awa- “.

” Iron… ahh hurts….”, jumbled thoughts kept invading my mind as I tasted a not so strange sensation, “Blood…”, I came to my senses slowly as I whimpered through the searing pain all over my body. “A cut on my left hand, my jaw feels kind of dislocated… two teeth not present, clothes…”, I gasped, I was all naked, “abused me…”, I took a deep breathe and tears shed through my eyes, in sheer anger though, “Why me….”, I examined my body all bruised and battered sniffing through my gagged mouth. I was whipped across my back and burnt, he singed my leg with a hot pipe, I guess. “Ah…”, a cry left my throat as my little finger surged, “He took out my nail”, I started drifting off into nauseousness again but he came.

A tight slap ran across my face making me jolt back to my senses. “Wake up princess”, I gulped at the smirk adoring his lips. “ Now say Good Morning back to me. “, he slipped away the gag from mouth and looked in expectation. “Aww, let me give you a little good morning kiss”, he leaned in on my neck and without a thought I plunged my mouth against his neck and sunk my teeth deep, taking a satisfied breath, as I saw the blood spatter from his Carotid artery. Surrendering to the pain,  I fainted as I saw his hand reach out.