In India section 375 of IPC defines rape and marital rape where female being under age of 15 will amount to rape otherwise not.

Rape is rape no matter what ever relation victim has with the assaulter.

Marriage is not a lifetime consent to have sex . A women has right to say no to anyone at anytime and that must be the foundation of our legal system.

And the question arises what if they misuses this law which is most presented question among society then on the one hand this is mindset full of misogyny and one the other hand judiciary would also implement something to check if the allegations so made are true or not.

Because sexual permission should never be taken for granted, even within a marriage, marital rape should be made a crime. A person’s right to sexual and bodily autonomy shouldn’t be taken away just because they are married.

Marriage shouldn’t be viewed as granting one spouse permission to engage in non-consensual sexual activity with the other. In reality, because it might involve a betrayal and violation of trust in the context of an intimate relationship, married rape can be just as traumatising and destructive as non-marital rape, if not more so.

Regardless of the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, criminalising marital rape sends the message that sexual violence is never acceptable. Additionally, it gives victims legal protection and makes offenders answerable for their crimes.

Every law has several loopholes it depends upon us to make it a success.

Marital rape is not a women right it is a human right and both men and women should support it. Even a sex worker has the right to say no then why not a married women .

Consent is both sided and overall every one out of three women face forced sex by their spouses, this whole concept is not about man vs women its about consent whether yes or no.

If 150 countries can criminalize marital rape then why not india.