He ran towards the dark forest with Evelyn. Several tries were made to contact the couple but they did not pick up due to the loud music at the wedding, stresses he left the cordless near the lake and ran. After running for almost an hour he thought that running was useless as he was a child and they were full grown man, there was no way that he could run faster than them, so he decided to hide instead. A rather gutsy move. They climbed the branches of a fat tree and were extremely vigilant for any voice or shadow. Jeff saw the two men go back from where they came, he turned and took a breath of relief assuming that they were safe now. They were so tired that they slept. Jeff woke up to the sound of those men climbing the tree to approach them as they followed the footsteps. He couldn’t believe that he was such a fool, he quickly picked up Evelyn and put her to another higher branch where she was not seen due to camouflage of the colour of her jacket and the tree’s bark. The men grabbed hold of his leg and pulled him down.

The next thing he remembered was sitting on a chair tied with a rope with the two men staring at him from a distance. He very cleverly overheard the conversation between the two who were planning to kill and eat him even before he woke up but at the end they decided to have a word first and then have their dinner. This made him scared to death and he woke up trembling with an astonished face, he figured out that they were the jail breaker cannibals he read in the newspaper the other day. What should he do? Simply give up or stand up to them? He had loads of questions in his mind. Instead he calmed down his nerve and decided to go with the flow that is have a chat. They decided to play a game with him. Every question that he was able to answer they would do nothing to him but for every question which he was not able to answer they would eat one of his fingers. Tears rolled out of his eyes but had no choice than to accept and play.

The first question was about the house’s safe and where was it located? Now that was a thing he really did not know as he rarely came to visit the family other than baby – sitting. To act smart he made up an answer and told them. One of them checked his told location and found nothing, the result was that he lost one of his feet finger. There was blood and immense pain suffered by him. Several other questions followed to which he answered correctly and was able to save his other fingers. He was hit in the head by one of them which knocked him out. The next thing was seeing the police reaching towards him to ask questions about the incident. But how was it possible as he was knocked out the entire time and then saw the police. Who did all this? Who called the police?