Once upon atime in city of Dubai, a lonely dog named Taurus roamed in the streets in search of food and shelter. He longed for companionship amidst his solitary existence. One fine day, Taurus came across a girl named Snaju, sitting on a bench in tears. Sanju had recently moved to the city,feeling lost and missing her old friends. Without knowing to her, Taurus approached to her and gently nuzzled her hand.

Startled by unexpected gesture, Sanju looked into Taurus’s eyes and felt a glimmer of hope.She reached out to pet him, forming an unbreakable bond between them.Taurus and Sanju became inseparable, exploring the city together and sharing stolen picnics. Taurus had never known such happiness, and Sanju found solace in her newfound Friend.One rainy day evening, Taurus led Sanju to an abandoned building, seeking shelter from the rain, they discovered some furniture and forgotten treasures inside, Among the debris, Sanju found a dusty paint set. Inspired by the moment, she painted Taurus’s potrait capturing his playful spirit. Taurus wagged his tail in delight, grateful for the gift of friendship and the chance to bring joy to Sanju’s life.

Words spread about Sanju’s artistic talent, attracting attention from locals and art enthusiasts. The painting of Taurus became symbol of their remarkable bond, and soon enough Taurus’s days of loneliness were a distant memory. Sanju’s talent blossomed and she discovered her true passion for art, inspired by the unbreakable bond she shared with Taurus. Together, they transformed the abandoned building into a vibrant art studion and gallery named “Sanju n Taurus Art Gallery”, where people from all walks of life gathered to witness the beauty of their friendship captured on canvas. Taurus and Sanju’s story became a testament to the power of unlikely connections and the transformative magic that can be found in the simplest of companionships.

And so, in the heart of Dubai, their legacy lived on, reminding everyone that sometimes the most extraordinary friendships are found in the most unexpected places. And it shows the clear picture that bond bounded by destiny is grestest and unbreakable bond.


  1. Mahesh Banduni

    “Bound By Destiny” is a heartwarming tale that beautifully captures the power of friendship and the transformative nature of unexpected connections. The story revolves around Taurus, a lonely dog, and Sanju, a girl seeking solace in a new city. The bond they form is touching and brings hope and joy to both of their lives. The narrative takes an enchanting turn when Sanju discovers her artistic talent and immortalizes their friendship through her paintings. The story emphasizes the profound impact that companionship and shared passions can have on one’s life. It leaves the reader with a sense of warmth and a reminder that true friendships can be found in the most unlikely places. “Bound By Destiny” is a delightful read that celebrates the magic of friendship and the power of art to bring people together.