The music plays in the background as I make my way down the halls, I was almost at the exit when I bumped into you. I fell over from the impact, you offered me a hand while apologizing profusely. I could recognize that voice anywhere, as my eyes traveled over your frame every detail of yours that I tried to forget resurfaced.

I remembered when I said yes to being your better half.

 Your smile when you saw our baby for the first time.

The way you loved me through our tough time.

 The way we danced under the chandelier at the ball.

 The way your jaw flex whenever you get mad.

The way his hair sprawled out on the pillows .

Your laughs when I make a dad joke.

I looks over to the streets that were once filled with joy but now they are only filled with painful memories of us.

I take a right down to the street towards the flower fields. The memories wash over me like a wave.

Us laughing so hard our stomach hurt.

The walks we would go on even in winter when we were freezing our asses of.

The day you told me you liked me. It was also the place you told me you were dying.

That one night when it was raining so hard but you wanted to dance and sing, your face was lit up with joy as the lightning flashed across the night sky, you timed it so perfectly . Our “first kiss”. The lightning struck as you kissed me. It was heaven and hell at the same time because you kissed me.

That one picnic you set up with ice-cream and stuff, we cuddled as the sun set. Little did I know, it would be your last. As the sun was setting, your heart was slowing with it.

My cries and pleas fell over on deaf ears. The last thing you told me “I love you “.

You never heard my response.

I realize I am in the middle of the flower field music blasting from my headphones, tears running down my face, the bottle of alcohol long forgotten somewhere. My sobs echo around me with only the flowers to hear, no one will bother me here.

My sobs carry message though ” I love you” . My response.