*silence* Everything feels cold, I feel like I’m surrounded by something and I’m…..”WATER!!” A gush of panic takes hold of me letting my survival instincts take over me. I frantically kick my legs and flail my arms around to get to the surface. “Why am I breathing…”, I just notice the air bubbles rising from my nose. It’s a mayhem in my brain. There’s water all around me, and somehow…. SOMEHOW, I AM BREATHING UNDER WATER!

My situation is a strange one right now, I am surrounded by water it feels like I am drowning in a giant ocean of some sorts, but am I really drowning? The last thing I remember was staring at my mail folder for the design requirements of the upcoming car, but my memory feels hazy after that.

“I was starting AutoCAD and then my Soul asked whether I wanted a cold coffee.” “HUH?!” I screamed as a new fear implanted itself in my mind, my wife is she also trapped in this ocean? I look around trying to search for her but all I could was constant emptiness or rather the empty ocean. “This is strange”, there weren’t any fishes around, “What is this godforsaken world, where is Soull!!”

While I am nervous about what’s going on around me and overthinking about the worst of situations, I heard a faint call following it my eyes wondered to the bottom of the ocean where I saw it. “Light?” it was sparkling so bright to be coming from the depths of ocean. “Maybe an underwater exploration vehicle”, I mustered up my hopes thinking that there maybe be a chance to find out what’s going on or rather optimistically “get rescued”, I muttered.

It was really different, somehow, I felt attracted towards this light as I kept following it, swimming deeper and deeper and the light grew brighter and a smile escaped my lips as I reached out my hand towards it as if it was calling me to itself. “Good morning.…”, a bright flash enveloped me, it was then I looked at them those deep and black eyes of hers, my home. My Soul was cradling my head on her lap. “What were you doing”, she looks at me with her very old smile the one that captures my heart every time I encounter it. “I was……”, I paused and looked at her,”….drowning in your eyes.”

“Oh stop with those cheesy lines.”, she giggled as I proceeded to hug her and let my exhaustion take over me again. “Time to sleep I guess”.