Will Sierra get to know more about her Blue-eyed Mystery? Let's find out! 


Chapter 4

I could not believe it.

He was here. Right in front of me.

I stood frozen on spot, with my eyes wide and my hand outstretched. My mind screamed at me to throw the book into his hands and make a run for the door before he realised who I was, but my brain had shut down for the time being and all I could do was stare. There was a flicker of recognition across his eyes and I knew that there was no escaping now.

A slow smile slid across his face and he said "Hey there, girl from the Cafe. Never thought I'd be meeting you again." Oh no. He really did figure out who I was. What would I do now? Before I could come up with a plan of escape he spoke again. "Why'd you run away yesterday? I did go after you, but you were nowhere in sight by the time I exited the Cafe."

How could I answer that question? Tell him that I cannot talk to boys? That I stutter like an idiot every time I try? Yeah, no. Not happening. And the fact that at the moment I was opening and closing my mouth like a fish, trying to formulate something coherent, wasn't helping at all.

Wait a minute.

Did he just say that he came after me? Oh. My. God. He really had. My heart started racing. Why would he come after me after I had embarrassed myself like that? What could he possibly want to say to me? Was he interested in me? No you stupid girl. That could NEVER happen.

A handsome boy like him could never be interested in someone like me. He must have wanted to ask me why I had been staring at him like a creep and then would have threatened me to stay away from him. Yes, that's it. That must be it.

Upon coming to this conclusion, I felt even more embarrassed. I really should run away before anything else goes wrong. I also realised that I hadn't answered his question as he stood there looking at me with an expression that said he was waiting for an answer. " I – I – um – I…" I tried to say something but that just made me look like an incompetent fool. So I just gave up and said "H-Here's the book you wanted". I quickly thrust the book into his hands, turned around and made a beeline for the door. I just couldn't stay here any longer.

But I wasn't as quick as the first time because right before I reached Pamela's desk a hand gripped my left wrist firmly and I skidded to a stop before the desk. The boy came and stood in front of me, with his hand still on my wrist. My heart was beating so loudly that I'm sure anyone near me could hear it. I looked at our hands and then slowly looked up to meet his eyes. He had a small smile on his face and his eyes were twinkling. He slowly moved his hands from my wrist and intertwined his fingers with mine and said "I won't let you run away this time."

I think I was dying. My heart missed a few beats, completely stopped for a few seconds and then started beating again at an abnormally high speed. I stood there gaping at him, with my eyes wide open and my hand still in his. This was the umpteenth time that he had rendered me speechless. What was happening to me? What was he doing? This was absolutely not normal and that was scaring me.

The sound of a door opening broke the silence and I jumped apart wrenching my hand from the boy's grip. Pamela came into view. The moment she spotted me she said "Sierra, I was just about to call you. Are you finished for to- Oh hello there young man, didn't notice you there. Are you a friend of Sierra's? she asked him casting a sly glance my way. I blushed a beet red and said "N-No no, he's not my-" but the boy cut me off saying "Yes, I am Sierra's friend. Nice to meet you." My name sounded absolutely wonderful when he said it. Shut up Sierra, stop being so stupid, I berrated myself.

Pamela shook his hand. "It is a good thing that she is making new friends, especially a boy" she said with a smirk and I just wanted to disappear. Was it really necessary for her to embarrass me even more? Hadn't I done enough of that already? I did not dare to look at the boy and kept my eyes on my shoes. Plus, the boy now knew my name, which made me excited but scared at the same time. He would now be able to find out anything about me from the workers at Aroma or from Pamela here, at the library. This was not good. I just wanted to go home.

"You can go home now, Sierra. I'll see you on Tuesday again, unless you come to read." Pamela said with a smile. I was more than happy to leave at the moment. I hurriedly waved at her and speed walked out the door and down the stairs, not once daring to look at the boy. But I knew that he was right behind me. "So Sierra, you really have a pretty name, you know and it fits you perfectly." he said, falling into step with me. I came to an abrupt halt and turned to look at him. He just called me pretty. Well not directly, but he implied it. That had never happened to me before.

I must have entered an alternate universe where a handsome boy was trying to have a conversation with ME, on his own.

"T-thanks" I stuttered out. He smiled again. That same heart stopping one. I needed to leave now, or I would just stand here staring at him all night and I couldn't let that happen. I turned around to find that we had already reached Lilly's Camaro and it was then that I noticed another car parked right next to it. A silver Porsche. Considering that there was no one else in the library besides me,the boy and Pamela, the car could only be his because Pamela didn't drive, she walked home.

Oh great. So not only was he good looking, he was also rich. He was so out of my league. I sighed and looked back at him. He had been staring at me, almost as if he was trying to figure me out. That feeling of being exposed returned and I quickly turned back around to walk towards the driver side of the Camaro. "So I'll be seeing you again right?" He said and I jumped. He was way nearer than I thought. I looked at him with an astonished expression. "You w-want to see m-me again?" I managed to ask. His amused expression returned. "Of course I would. I want to get to know you. It might seem stupid to you, but I haven't been able to get you out of my mind since yesterday."

This could not be real. This wasn't happening. No no no. He must have mistaken me for someone else he met. He reached out and touched my right cheek with his fingers. He retracted his hand as abruptly as he started the action, and stuffed them into the pockets of his jeans. "Be there at the Cafe tomorrow at around 6:30 in the evening. I'll be waiting." With that he turned to walk towards his car. Just before he drove off he rolled down his window, looked right at me and said "Just in case you were wondering, my name is Ryan, Ryan Anderson. Don't be late."

He drove off leaving me there gaping his way and trying to make sense of what happened. Oh Ryan Anderson, what have you done to me? This was going to be a long night.