Sitting locked up on the bathroom floor, knees brought up to her chest, her throat choking on her tears so as to not let out a sound or let anyone know, it was just another night for the little girl. Not the girl she wanted to become. All she ever wanted was to have a normal happy life with loving parents who are proud of her with every accomplishment she made. But she was so misfortunate that she got none of it.

Her life, in anyway, was neither normal nor happy. Her parents showed her the love but never truly loved her. Moreover, they always expected her to be “a little” more. They were never happy with any of her accomplishments, let alone proud. The little girl never got the things she wanted. And to get over all these emotions of being the “disappointment of the family”, this was the only way for her without bothering her parents with another burden than she already gave them.

All these cries every night was done by her with one and only one motive: To be able to see the next morning’s sun and continue to strive for her recognition in her parents’ eyes. It was as if she had caged herself and her true emotions inside her for her parents to see just the hard work which they would ignore anyways. Nighttime would become the time she finally opens the cage and lets herself out without letting anyone see.

The moon, the stars, and the four walls were the only ones who accompanied her through these times when she needed someone so badly but was never able to tell anyone, or “become a burden” as she thought herself to be.

The moon and all the stars would sometime even hide behind the clouds to weep in place of her and give her the comforting sounds of the thunderstorms. The sound of thunderstorms that everyone feared so much were like comforting music and sight to her. During such nights, she would stop her cries and look up to catch a sight of one of those bright lights and hear those loud sounds of explosions. After which, she would doze off into a peaceful deep sleep, one of the best sleeps of her life.