This story is about a newly married woman Suman and it ends with a beautiful example from an epic.  


Mehta’s family is well known among the people. It was a joint family. The cousin Ranjan Mehta and Dhruv Mehta lived in the same house. Ranjan Mehta is elder than Dhruv and the age difference between the brothers is only two years. Suman is the name of a girl who married Ranjan Mehta.

4 Months Before

Mehta’s family started searching a bride for his elder son Ranjan. After several months they got information about Suman. So Mehta’s family has planned to visit Suman’s house.

Mr. Mehta: Ranjan, come quick. We have to go.

Ranjan: yes, dad.

Dhruv: Ranjan, before you announce your decision you have to consult with me

Ranjan: sure Dhruv. But I’ll take the final decision.

Dhruv: hmm. Ok let us see our Bhabhi

Suman’s Home

Mehta’s family was waiting for the past 15 minutes. Suman’s dad told them that Suman is getting ready as she returns from the college now. After few minutes Suman came to the hall. Everyone was stunned by seeing Suman. She is so beautiful and looks very innocent. She was younger than Dhruv also. Though Mehta’s family came here to see Suman for Ranjan, the elders in the family thought that Suman will match for Dhruv also.

So they asked for Suman’s horoscope and said they will inform their decision after matching the horoscope.

Mehta’s Home

The elders in the family sent the horoscope of Suman and the horoscope of both Ranjan and Dhruv to the astrologer. Their family astrologer said he will match the horoscopes and he will say the result in the evening. So Mehta’s family was eagerly waiting for the decision of their family astrologer. Meanwhile Ranjan and Dhruv are discussing about Suman.

Dhruv: Ranjan, do you like Suman?

Ranjan: I like her but our elders are matching her horoscope with both of us. So what is your decision Dhruv? If the horoscope of Suman matched with you, will you marry her?

Dhruv: actually Dhruv started liking Suman, but he didn’t reveal that to Ranjan because just now Ranjan said that he likes Suman.

So he said, no Ranjan you both are made for each other. So you have to marry her. Moreover I came with you to see my Bhabhi and not a girl for me.

In the evening they got news from the astrologer that Ranjan and Suman’s horoscope matched well. So they informed their decision to Suman’s family.

After 2 months Ranjan and Suman got married. As it is a joint family, Dhruv got a chance to interact with his Bhabhi every day. He secretly admires Suman.

One day Suman entered Dhruv’s room to serve him tea. But he is not in his room. At that time she noticed Dhruv’s wallet in the ground. Suman thought Dhruv forget to take the wallet. So she took the wallet. She was shocked to see her photo in Dhruv’s wallet. She understood that Dhruv loves Suman.

6.30 P.M

Mehta’s family has the habit of reading either Ramayana or Mahabharata every day. After Ranjan got married the new bride took the incharge of reading the shloka. Everyone gathered in the puja room and Suman started reading Ramayana. She described the beautiful relationship of Lord Sri Ram and Lakshmana.  Through an incident from Ramayana Suman has decided to teach a lesson to Dhruv.

Suman said soon after sita was kidnapped Sri Ram and Lakshmana found the jewels of sita in the ground. They want to check whether the jewels belong to sita or not. Lord Sri Ram was worried and he asked Lakshmana, do you know whether these jewels belong to your Bhabhi? Lakshmana said I don’t know.

But soon after seeing the anklets Lakshmana said, yes this anklet belongs to Bhabhi. So Lord Sri Ram asked Lakshmana, how did you know?

So Lakshmana said I worship Bhabhi as my mother. I won’t raise my head and see her face while talking.  I used to see her feet. So I can able to recognize her anklets and not other jewels.

When Suman was giving this explanation from Ramayana everyone felt proud about Lakshmana. But Dhruv was shocked. From his face, Suman can able to understand that Dhruv is feeling guilty. Suman thinks that Dhruv will change his thoughts. Suman started to worship the beautiful epic The Ramayana.