This story relates to mostly all of us at some point in our life when we would have felt so low but this story would help you fight against that fear and will help you to trust yourself. This is the story of very simple girl Kavita. Being the youngest of all siblings she was pampered by everyone in her family. Anything she demanded was presented in front of her.

Although she was a daughter of a small shopkeeper but her father was very supportive and never let her feel inferior in any manner but he had only one dream for her was that he wanted to see his daughter dressed up in Police Officer’s uniform but he never imposed his dream on her. As she grew up she also decided to be an Officer of Police.

As she grew expectations of her family also grew as she was a bright student and everyone thought that she will become an Officer and make her family proud. But slowly and gradually things changed and she became more inclined towards sports. She gave importance to her studies too but couldn’t give 100%  attention to her education.

One day she went to a Saint with her family who had a lot of faith in him but she believed in herself and not in Saints. That day he insulted her very much in front of her family members because she simply said to him that, “I believe in making my own fortune and I know that the god is within me and he will help me whenever I need him. I don’t believe in just lying back in the couch and waiting for a miracle to happen instead I will give my best.”

Listening to all these words he got angry but didn’t show it and insulted her by saying that she can’t do anything in her life and becoming an Officer will never happen in her life. That day she decided to make her own destiny and prove to that Saint wrong especially in front of her family who gave up on her to be an Officer. So, she started to study harder and made her ficus clear. Her father believed in her and through his support and her hard work she became a reputed Police Officer and proved everyone wrong and that Saint too.

She faced failures too but those failures couldn’t stop her from reaching that point in her life where she wanted to be. So, this story just proved that having belief and confidence in yourself can take you to those heights where you would have imagined yourself to be.

Always believe in yourself.