Once in a village there lived a women. She was very rude to everyone. Whenever anyone tried to talk to her and give her advice she gave them a rude replies. So everyone in the village stayed away from her. No one liked her.

In the same village there lived a wise man. He was very nice. Whenever there was a problem in the village everyone sought his advice. Even if anyone faced a problem personally they sought his advice. Every person in the village would love to talk to him and speak to him. He was so wise and knowledgeable that in many situations, his advice was the final verdict.

The women hated the wise man very much. She hated him to such an extent that whenever that man passed by her place she would throw garbage on his head from her balcony. This has become routine for her. Even when that man went for prayers the women would throw garbage on him. Than he had to go home and change his clothes. But that man was so wise that he did not shout at that woman. He never said a word to her. He never reacted to this situation with anger. This made that women even angrier, thinking in her mind that why is this man not reacting even when I am throwing garbage on him.

One day when a wise man was passing by her house the garbage was not thrown by that woman when the wise man looked up he did not find the woman. So he was little bit worried. But he thought the woman will not be available at home. So he ignored and continued his routine work.

This routine continued two to three days but when the wise man could not find the woman, he went to her house. He asked the neighbors, they said that the woman is not feeling well. So the wise man visited the women’s house. When he went to her house she was trying to have water but she was so sick that she could not have a glass of water by herself. So the wise man sat beside her, gave her a glass of water. The woman was felt with tears in her eyes. Not only that but the wise man took her to the nearby hospital and she was treated by the doctor.

Afterwards when she was well. The woman went to a wise man and repented for her mistakes. The wise man forgave her for the mistakes. The woman than promised a wise man that she would now not behave rudely and like him would try to help everyone in the best possible way she can.

The moral we get from this story is we need to be nice to everyone and never ever react to the situations in anger. Even though we may not like the person or a situation we should not react to any situation in anger. If we do so we are harming ourselves not others. So be wise to everyone and never react in anger.