Keeping a person mind and body prepared for any kind of Situation is known as Awareness. Here is a story of a person who is not aware of the concept of Awareness.


Chapter 1: A Bus Trip

It was an evening of Saturday.
Nathan has to go to Cuddalore from Chennai.

He had a marriage to attend on Sunday morning.

It was one of his close friend Praveen who was about to get married.
Nathan got on a government bus by 5 O Clock.

The bus route was through Pondicherry.

The usual travel hour by bus from Chennai to Pondicherry is 3 and half hours.

From Pondicherry to Cuddalore, it will take 50 minutes for a bus to traverse through.

Nathan had a glimpse of his college days while he was travelling.
His present age was 26 years.

Nathan never felt of aging, but marriage invitations of his friends reminded him of his age.

His friendship with Praveen was a pleasant experience in his life.

During his college days, Nathan, Praveen, Kumar, and Harath were close friends.

They use to go to the college canteen daily at morning 11 O clock during the break hours.

Their favourite item was the Hot Samosa.

The break hour was from 11 O Clock to 11.15 a.m.
Due to a huge crowd in the canteen, they will reach late for their class.

The lecturer would ask them to stand outside the class for one hour.

But, still, they enjoyed standing out of the class for the sake of eating Samosa.

Now, after 5 years, he was going to meet his friend.

He had a fresh feeling while he was travelling.

His body felt vibrant with ecstasy.

The travel through East Coast Road took his emotions to a higher level.

Due to trouble in Traffic intensity on road, the Bus reached Pondicherry by 8.30 p.m. with a half an hour delay.

The Bus halted in Pondicherry for 20 minutes. The Driver and Conductor had snacks and coffee and refreshed themselves.

The passengers also had snacks according to their preference.


Chapter 2: A Helpless Boy

The Bus reached Cuddalore by night 9.40 P.m.

Nathan called Praveen through his mobile phone.

Praveen answered, “Hello”

Nathan said, “Hello man “

Praveen answered,”Hey, where are you?”

Nathan said,”Cuddalore”

Praveen said, “I have arranged a room for you in Hotel Sangeetha”

Nathan said,”Oh, Thank you, man”

Praveen said, “The supply of food is less in the marriage hall”
Nathan said,”Oh! Is it so?”

Praveen said, “Can you have your food in any hotel nearby the Bus Stand?”

Nathan said, “Sure man, I will”

Nathan searched for a Hotel to have food nearby the bus stand.

After five minutes, he stood before Hotel Murugan.

He went inside the hotel and ordered for a Dosa.

There were three suppliers serving food.

One of them was a small boy of 8 years old, one was 40 years old and the last one was 25 years old.

The 8-year-old boy’s name was kalai.

Kalai served the dosa for Nathan.

Nathan started eating the Dosa.

At that time an ambassador car arrived outside the Hotel.

Two men dressed in white shirt and white Dhoti came out of the car.

They came and sat at the table next to Nathan.

They were restless and tensed.

Nathan felt that they were some local politicians.

Those guys too ordered for Dosa to Kalai.
It took some delay for Kalai to serve them Dosa.

Kalai was in the Kitchen.

One of the Politicians called kalai,”Hey bearer!”

Kalai came out of the kitchen.
The Politician slapped Kalai with a great force.

“Aah!” Shouted Kalai in pain.

Blood started coming out of Kalai’s mouth.

Nathan stumbled on seeing the situation.
Nathan then realized that the two people were drunk.

Nathan completed eating his Dosa on an urgent basis.
They were arrogant.

The Hotel Manager kept quiet on seeing the scene.
Nathan came out of the eating area. He came to billing section.

Nathan asked the manager, “Sir, what is this, they are hitting your employee”

Nathan added, “You are keeping quiet?”

The Hotel Manager said, “Sir, They are politicians, I can’t take risk by opposing them”

Nathan’s Blood was boiling, but he stood there without doing anything.

Nathan came out of the Hotel.

Nathan’s mind shouted,”Oh my God, Is this the independence which Gandhiji bought for us?”

Nathan went to the Hotel Sangeetha and found his accommodation there.

That full night, he was not able to sleep.

The Next day, Nathan attended the marriage and returned to Chennai.

Chapter 3: A Discussion with Friend

At Chennai, Nathan was staying with his friends in Saidapet.

When he returned to his apartment, his friend Ramesh was present in the apartment.

Nathan said, “How are you, man?”

Ramesh said, “Fine, How are you? How was the trip?”

Nathan said, “No the trip was not fine”

Ramesh said, “Why, what happened?”

Nathan explained the whole incident at the Hotel.

Ramesh said, “Why didn’t you fight?”

Nathan said, “I don’t know to fight man”

Ramesh said, “That is why people are taking advantage of Power”

Nathan said, “What is the solution?”

Ramesh said, “I will give you an idea?”

Nathan said,”Ya, Tell me”

Ramesh said, “Learn a Martial art from a Proper Guru”

Nathan said, “I am a lean guy”

Ramesh said, “Shape of the body is not an issue”

Nathan said, “Will that situation occur again in my life”

Ramesh said, “Possibility is 1 out of 100”

Nathan said, “Then why should I learn?”

Ramesh said, “That is what I call as awareness”

Nathan said, “You mean, you want me to get prepared for anything”

Ramesh said, “Yes”

Nathan said,”Oh, I will try it”
The Next day Nathan joined a karate class in a local institute.

At that place, most of them were small boys.
The Master asked Nathan, “Why do you want to join Karate?”

Nathan said, “I want to increase my level of Awareness”
Master said, “Awareness! mm..Good”

Chapter 4: Ramesh’s Secret

Ramesh was in his apartment alone.

Ramesh got a call.

Ramesh answered, “Hello”

The Other end said, “This is Sharath man”

Ramesh said, “Hello Sharath”

Sharath said, “What man how is Nathan?”

Ramesh said,” He has gone to Join Karate”

Sharath said, “Then our plan is working”

Ramesh said, “I don’t understand why you wanted him to learn Karate”

Sharath said, “This guy is not facing the problems in a bold manner”

Ramesh said,”Oh for that you arranged a drama in that Hotel Murugan?”

Sharath said, “Yes, the politicians and the boy kalai are drama artists”

Ramesh said, “So, it was not an actual fight?”

Sharath said, “yes, but the slap was real”

Sharath added,” then only Nathan will get an initiation towards learning a martial art”

Ramesh said,”Oh my god, you are a genius man”

Sharath said, “Nathan should not know about this drama “

Ramesh said, “Sure man, I will keep it as secret”