A Love Story From World War II

…The radio is turned up, everyone is sitting around the table eating and discussing about the world war.

Mother’s cupcakes are adding more flavour to the conversation and dad has been continuously worried about the consequences. ”Akiro, can you please pass the sushi?” called my mother, I being scant to do it reached out my hand to the other side “Akiro, you moron, it is salt what you have passed”, giggled my sister Lia.

… Chatting over the table and enjoying our meal, we heard a scathing sound. My parents and I ran outside. What we were seeing was a torroid tornado coming our way. My father asked me to take the car and run “I love you Akiro. Be safe and take care of yourself”, whispered my mother. “But we all can run away, trust me, we will survive, just hurry up “, I shouted.” You are our best creation, please live for us “, my father obliged. Unable to see anything because of the tears, I took the car away and that was the last time I saw my parents.

I could see the thwacking of the winds. I saw a beautiful rich girl stepping in front of my car, wanting to die.” Are you insane?” stopping the car instantaneously, I screamed. “Have you lost it?” I know everyone is dying but what made you think that I will drive over you?” I asked her abruptly. “Look back!” quivering she cried. I dragged her away in the car. Al though being in such acute condition, what I was feeling was pathetic. The moment I held her hand, I felt the whole universe moving inside me. I couldn’t ask her to settle. The situation was not doing justice. The tears were rolling down her red chubby cheeks, her skin was vibrant, her attractive eyes were excruciating. I lost my control and hit a pole.

“Did I hurt you miss ?”, I enquired.

“Kira, no you did not sir? “

“Akiro , we will have to hurry up.”

We reached a military barracks where everyone was preparing to go inside a dungeon which was twenty feet below the surface. The last soldier while stepping inside lost his hands and the waves successfully entered the dungeon but he sacrificed his life and closed the heavy metal door. Seven soldiers, five old woman, three kids, me and Kira were the only light in that dark room.

Settling over after a while, I sat next to Kira; she was still looking insanely beautiful. “Your hands are badly hurt.” She nodded. “Maybe the radioactive winds wanted to touch my sexy hands.”, I replied sarcastically. She walked around and bought a first aid.

“If you don’t mind?”.

“All yours miss.”, blurtly I said.

“It will hurt you but I don’t think a warrior will brandish a bit.”, she smiled.

“A warrior? ”

“Yes, a coerce warrior.”

“So you think that I forced you ?”

“If you wouldn’t have forced, I might not be here healing your wounds !”

“So, in your percept, am I the good one or the bad one?”, I blushed.

“This will take time to heal”, she smiled.

After spending that hectic day, we slept well. I was the first one to get up from the sleep. There were innumerous sunlight beams falling on Kira’s face. The sunlight was eccentuating her beauty:

“ Where I was living since twenty one years for what I died the moment I saw you.

What I was dreaming every night for now you have been the one most wanted.

How I loved the Daifuku so much when your voice is the sweetest thing I have ever tasted.

Now, I have all the answers to my irrelevant questions. The answer that gives morale. The answer is YOU. “

When we realised that the condition was now safe, we all decided to head towards Nagasaki to the safe house. Sitting in the back of the open jeep, Kira was looking every here and there to search for a similar face but couldn’t find one and started crying. I put my hand on her shoulder. “ Now that we have survived, we must not look what we have lost. We should be optimistic and start a new journey as a warrior ! “, she held my another hand and put her head on my shoulder.

“ Thank you Akiro, I had lost the hope to live. I am thankful to great powers for sending such a handsome warrior.”

“ So, today I am a handsome warrior!” I smiled.

“ Yes, my kind of handsome”, she winked.

We stopped at a place for our meal. Though we were not talking much, our love was flying with colors in that black city.

Everyone was asleep by now. I was staring at the moon by the river side .Disturbed by Kira’s walking I turned around . She looked ravishing.

“Couldn’t sleep? “


“ The thoughts or the mosquitos?”

“ I slept in the dungeon.”

“ Then I guess the thought of me kept you awake then?”

Ignoring my question, she remained silent.

“ You are beautiful Kira. Please answer my question now.”

“Wouldn’t I be considered as a desperate one then?”

“And who fool will judge you like that?”

“You, maybe!”

“Now I am a fool too, great!”

“My kind of fool.”

“Are you answering or should I leave?”

“From the moment you saved me to the one you keep staring at me, you have been into my thoughts Akiro. No sec I was left alone. I was not crying for my losses but for you!”

“But darling I was absolutely fine. You don’t need to cry for such silly thing”

“Silly? What If I die? Would that be silly then?”

“I’ll die before you so as you get saved. No more talking about deaths now. We will have a wonderful life in Nagasaki. God has planned something for us.”

“Us! Okay. But I might….”

“Say it please”

“Nothing, it is just that I feel COMPLETED!”

Without taking a moment, our lips met under the blooming skies. We made love. Love out of our words in every way possible. I had my best sleep that night in her arms. While completing our journey she added

“When we step in there, I would get married to you my idiot warrior”

“But miss how can I marry you?”

Disturbed by my response she asked “Am I not beautiful to you?”

“How can I marry as I have already married you two days back my love in my mind” I added laughing

She kissed me. “My warrior scared me”

We reached Nagasaki on 9th August. The safe house was everything we had expected of. People were grateful for their existence. We eat our meal. With that heavy stomach, I could barely walk but asked by my lovely partner we decided to go on a walk. The pleasant weather was adding more romance. We sat beside a small lake. I was looking at the world’s most astonished masterpiece! We were engrossed in staring each other…

“I love you Akiro!” a tear rolled down her eyes

“I love you more Kira” I hugged her with all I had.

“You know what, I am really happy now. I don’t want anything now. I just want to spend this whole new life with…….”

She couldn’t finish her sentence for what the pacific world war wasn’t end yet. Another bomb hit the grounds.

“The souls which were about to meet, now lay in the ashes of love.. ”


Image Source: Huffingtonpost.com