“English is a fairly easy language. I’m sure the next set of humans, or even super humans who will find this will understand what it is and how this language works. The basis of all communication was languages, English being one of the more common ones. In the past few centuries, we as social creatures evolved with technology as the basis of the whole world. From commuting to living and existing, technology was there to support us all. The following, however, dear reader, is the story of how the human race is about to come to an end and not of how we existed. The details and proofs of our existence is all hidden in this capsule, buried well under the earth for you to recover without major damage.

Today is 29th October 2981. About 3 years ago, we, as a human race, realized that the world, as we know it, is coming to an end. The oil reserve was dug too deep and in the depths of the earth, we found a mutation (MUTT-78) which grew under the ground, destroying place by place. MUTT-78 has been around since 2023, it started with destroying the city of Venice. Slowly, because of global warming and MUTT-78 most of the world, as we knew it, has drowned. All that remains of this coastal island are the previously known Himalayan Range, which used to be covered in snow and have become barren hot deserts.

We had found a way to stop MUTT-78 but we chose to be complaisant. We chose to end the misery, suffering, poverty and hunger all of humankind was going through because we could not keep up with it. It is almost like the 10 of the smartest in Meta are being blamed in this mass suicide note, me included in those 10. We were too focused on being the best that we forgot what was best for our collective good.

As the last tsunami predicted hits our coast in a day and the last of our civilization drowns, we hope that in the future, the civilizations to come ahead of us, don’t make the same mistakes we made.

In this capsule, you will find all the data known to us, from our ways of living to the details of each and every individual to have ever existed: their religious beliefs, their habits and behavior, their family and the relation with each member and so much more. This database will help you pick up where we left off, and hopefully lead lives we all dreamt of living. We’ve complied the data here since 2050 and the archives of our past will awe you. The world we lived in was wonderful, colorful, filled with everything positive we knew of before we plunged into the waters below.

As this comes to an end, the earth ravaged, scorched, and dying, as we know it, I hope that humanity becomes better than what we have known it to be. So, good luck, our world is in your hands.

Signing off from the face of Earth-9023

Dr. Drake Ramorey”