Phone rang and Sukriti’s mother picked it up. Here face revealed a big smile with tiny tears in her eyes. She hung up and ran to Sukriti and her dad.

‘It was Vikrant’s mother. They liked our Sukriti. It is a yes from them but Vikrant wants to meet Sukriti for the last time before finalizing anything.’

Everyone was overjoyed. They all started to pick the perfect outfit for Sukriti to meet Vikrant. Sukriti decided to wear a baby pink kurta with blue jeans and a white stall. She put on a light perfume and kept her hair open. She did not use any make up as she wanted Vikrant to like her for what she is.

She had started planning what she will say. She decided to request him to let her keep her job. In her mind Vikrant had already made the image of perfect husband. The one who will love her, care for her and respect her wishes. She couldn’t even imagine a single flaw in him.

Exactly at 4 pm Vikrant came to pick her up.  Sukriti quietly sat in the car. She was a little disappointed that he did not open the door for her but she thought that maybe he was in a hurry so he must have forgotten. Without any delay he started the car and took Sukriti to a restaurant.

‘Look Sukriti I like you. You are beautiful and ell behaved and know all about household. I want to make things very clear. I do not want you to work. I want you to be at home always for whenever and however I or my parents need you. Even this modern clothing like jeans is not acceptable. I want a domestic wife and you will be wearing a saree at all times. Your sole purpose would be to fulfill my wishes. You will get clothes, jewelry or anything else you need but do not get any romantic ideas in your head. I do not support all that Bollywood crap. I hope you have understood everything and there should be no issues now.’

Sukriti was quiet for this entire time. Her perfect married world just crashed and she just stood up and left. She walked her entire way to home thinking what had just happened? She started thinking about how her entire life she never thought about anything else and just focused on how her married life would be? Was this the reality? Her perfect husband just wanted a slave to follow his orders?

All of a sudden she felt liberated. She felt light and suddenly she had a new dream. She wanted to explore herself now. Now she just didn’t wanted to be someone’s wife now and to be someone successful and wanted to do something for herself. She wanted to do something for her parents. This was her new awakening.