Once lived two brothers Antonio and Bessanio, both were the children of the great king of Italy. AS time passed by both grew up and Antonio got married and his only beautiful and gracious wife died while delivering his child. She delivered a beautiful baby girl.once the king died the first son Antonio came into power. Antonio is one who had a great knowledge in magic and astonished everyone with his skills. Antonio always used those tricks only for good sake and ensured that no one used it for evil things. Apart from this Antonio was a great ruler of his own kingdom. He had all skills to govern the state and a good heart to understand all the common peoples need. He was so kind hearted and responsible and always he made sure that no people in his kingdom suffers from poverty. Due to his rule in the state all people were happy and always praised him. His kingdom became one of the richest in the world. Antonio’s praise and glory started to spread all over the world. Meanwhile there was none to look over Bessanio he felt that there was none to praise him. Thus Bessanio decided to be the king of this kingdom, but none would agree this since his elder brother is already the king .Bessanio thus planned to banish his own brother without his knowledge. With the help of some of his servants he kidnapped his own brother along with the baby and ordered to ship them to the nearby island of Stanes.

When Antonio woke up the next morning he realized what could have happened but he was shocked to see his books packed with him and he was sure that this should be done by some of his loyal servant who could have been helpless. Days passed away and his daughter grew into a beautiful woman named Anna. Anna saw no other human beings than her father. Antonio managed to meet all his daily routine with the help of Irish. Irish was a good spirit who got locked in the trees bound by the spell of a witch .

Years back Antonio destroyed this witch with his magical words and released all the good spirit whom she controlled. Irish was one such but before obtaining his freedom he wanted to full fill the desire of his master. Unfortunately his master is not able to reveal his desire as he was waiting for the right time .So Irish works for his master since years back. Thus Antonio had all the resources to go back to his kingdom did not opt to do that as he was waiting for time and opportunity to hold hands with him. On the other bank Bessanio suffered with poor administration skill weeping for his sin imagining that his brother and his cute little daughter would have died in that island starving for food and other needs.

Bessanio had a son Miran who was handsome and had a good heart as Antonio to serve people. Once Irish informed that Bessanio along with his son are sailing in the sea as per the desire of Prince Miran. Antonio said Irish that the moment to reveal his desire has come and continued by ordering him to do what he said. Irish obeying his masters order went to the ship where the king was sailing and created a cyclone in the sea, the prince fell from the ship. Irish’s order was to bring the price to his master. Miran fainted due to shock and none were able to notice Irish kidnapping the prince. Everyone including Bessanio thought that Miran drowned in the sea and went back to the kingdom. Meanwhile Miran came to consciousness and noticed that he was in an unknown island and he thought that the ship has sunk including his father.

Miran neither knew who were Antonio and his daughter. Anna too never knew who he was .Miran was happy to see humans in that island but Antonio never revealed the happiness in his heart and acted rude. Miran had no dare to seek help to Antonio as he stood helpless fearing that Antonio would bound him with his magical swell. Anna was astonished to see Miran when she came by the way to collect some fruits. She had never seen any man other than her father. She was mesmerized by his manly look. At the same time Miran has never seen such a beautiful girl. His heart no doubt fell in love with her at the first sight. Antonio knew this would happen and wanted this too. Antonio was neither kind nor rude to Miran as he wanted to know Miran really loves his daughter by heart and not only admiring her beauty. To test Miran’s patience and his love Antonio tested him continuously for a couple of days. Slowly Anna became caring and started to melt for Miran. Antonio understood that Miran was going to propose to his daughter but he wants to know that is his love true? So to find that he had to hid himself under a magic blanket that would make him invisible and listen to their conversation. With love overflowing in his heart Miran asked Anna that “Will you be my princess”. Anna’s heart was filled with joy but she replied that” though I do love u I cannot accept your kind heart as my father dislikes you. I would never make a single move that hurts my father”. Miran replied he would wait till her father understands his true love for her. Antonio’s heart melted seeing his daughter’s love and Miran’s obedience towards him. Thus Antonio accepted them and revealed who he was and Anna. Miran was so excited that they all belong to the same family.

With the help of Irish they reached back the kingdom. Irish has full filled all the desire of his master and he was finally set free. Bessanio was happy to know that his son was alive and regretted for his sin towards his brother. He at last agreed that Antonio was the best ruler in all aspect. Miran expressed his love towards Anna to his father. Bessanio has no statement wrong against his son. Everything was set well and the brothers are back together with all their heart filled with joy and happiness. Thus this story too has a happy ending.