I was standing on one side of the road quietly observing everyone who passed by me. There were many vehicles, people rushing in their own lives. There was so much noise that I couldn't hear my own thoughts, There was so much pollution that I couldn't see my own reflection, there were so many rustics around me that I felt completely alone. I wanted to run but everyone else was doing the same, I wanted to talk about what I was feeling but everyone was so busy in their own world, I wanted to be free but I could see those chains holding me into this world.

Just then I saw a little girl in a black Mercedes. She was beautiful and looked like an angel I thought.

Her car stopped and she walked towards a child whom I hadn't noticed. She walked with a smile on her face and asked his accompanier to hand over the bag to her. She shook hands with that kid and handed him the bag. The kid responded in a way I never ever had imagined. He said thank you so much Mishti, I would never forgive this greatness of yours, you are my Angel.

I was shocked listening to such a fluent flow of heavy words in on one single sentence by a kid who wore faded clothes and was managing a small flower shop of his own which was rarely noticed. Exchanging the smiles was the hint that it was time for a good bye. The girl sat in her car and went away. I couldn't resist my curiosity of knowing the reason of the girl's generosity and the kid’s great words.

I asked the kid about everything that was in my mind. What he told me couldn't stop myself from calling that girl a real Angel. He told me the bag contained a bag full of books and a school dress.

His father was the gardener in that girl's house. He used to play with the girl in her house and wanted to learn her English poems and stories, so his father admitted him in a nearby English school and permitted his father to pick some of the flowers from their garden as a source of extra earning. His father had been ill from a last few days so he was managing the work and as he missed his new session at school, the girl had come with new books of the new class so that he can cope up with his studies as well.

As I was listening to that kid I came up with a thought. I was a fool looking at the things which were running so fast that I forgot to look at the things that were static and real. The girl and her father were angel’s apprentice. They were new hope in that kid’s life.

The kid said “di one day I will grow up and be a rich man, then I will help people the same way my Angel helped me.”

And I looked at him with a smile. I knew if I would give him money he won't take it so I purchased some of his flowers. He smiled and thanked me.

This thought had circled my mind so much that I started noticing every one who in some way was an angel’s apprentice.

Then I met a friend of mine. I knew he had a warm heart and always helped everyone out but never ever I had thought about addressing him as an angel’s apprentice. It was around day time, with his usual routine he was ready to go out for work but as they say things never happen the same way everyday. He saw an old man who accidentally fell down from his bicycle. He stopped his back, helped that old man and asked if he could drop him to his destination.

Old man refused and thanked him for his generosity as number of folks passed by but none came to help him out. This friend of mine had never learnt to lose hope so he decided not to leave his side until the old man reaches safely. He rode his bike in accordance with the speed of that old man’s bicycle, took him to his office, offered him water and he made sure of it that he was on his best condition to leave alone.

I know most of us are so busy in the humdrums of our lives that we forget to see small things that are meant to be treasured and imprinted on stone. These were only two instances, only two apprentices of Angel whom I met on one single day. If I am surrounded by so many apprentices so are you.

Every good deed no matter how small it might be brings out an angel in some way or the other. Even picking up a fallen pen for someone counts a deed. I'm not asking for all your time to look around and find these apprentices but yes I would ask to take five minutes of yours to notice the world and look out for the Angels around you, they might be your friends, your relatives, Stranger or it might be you.

Angels and demons are not fantasy they are for real, the only difference is with our moving lives we have started to overlook the magic that lies within all of us.

Bringing out a smile on someone’s face is also a hard thing to achieve.

When you sit idle and think about your life has become unsatisfied and dull, you have no option but to run in the race of life, just take a few moments from it, think and look around. Observe those angels of your life. These angels might not solve your problem to the full extent but I assure you they would motivate you enough to fight with your problems. Just like that little girl who gave me this idea of this beautiful thought.

Each one of us, in some way or the other has been an angel’s apprentice and if not I’m sure one day you will be.