Love is always prepared for us even though we may not be ready for it. More often than not, we have rejected love despite wanting it more than anything else. we have done things out of our characters to push it away. Perhaps our hearts have never been truly ready for it. Love has always been an unexpected guest in our lives- invited but seldom graciously welcomed. Even after letting it past our door we treated it like a trespasser, but we never had the nerve to watch it go. The truth is that we will be never prepared for love; instead we will always find excuses to resist it and defend ourselves, and most of the time we will give in to it. But in order to see where it is supposed to lead us our hearts will always take a sharp turn back. Because no matter what the timing is, it is never too late to fall, break and learn.  Every story of love starts with an unexpected knock on door. And sometimes that knock is a reminder for you to know that you will fall in love again, and it wont be the same as the first time. It is not such a bad thing because you know you did the bravest thing you could do- LOVE<3