I do not know what caused it but Mr. Jacob had given me a 35 out of 40 for not crossing an equation’s neatly.

Then he said that, “it is a typical case of women. They just cannot think,”

All the boys thought it was funny but the girls did not. I was so angry that I wished that he would turn into a woman, so that he would never insult them again. I had just wished this when “BAP” there was a lady in a miniskirt, high heels and purple lipstick standing in front of me. I could not understand who this lady was I wondered where is Mr. Jacob? I had a close look at the lady and noticed that she was wearing glasses and not simple ones but butterfly ones like Mr. Jacob used to wear Then I realized Mr. Jacob had turned into lady!!!

Nervously I called out his name and a squeaky voice answered “yes”.

He got embarrassed by his voice and started crying and groaning.

From his groans you could hear, “I should have never (sniff) teased women (sniff). I could not bear it, and I wished that he would turn back to normal.

Then, KAPOV, there was Mr. Jacob again.

He told me that, ” Women are not that bad. They Just threaten you, they do not kill you. ”

But still he has given its his habit, he only insults women when he knows that I’m not around to change him.