In a young and passionate boy saw some mechanism of preparing electronic things and making them from scratch. He initially went to his mother and said, “ I saw something in my dream and I can tell you what I saw….” After he finished his story his mom laughed and said,

“Ok beta….it’s just a dream. Nothing is real when you have it into your dream.” That sentence kind of stuck to his mind.

He knew after several dreams there is something wrong. He is different than others. Further he continued to dream about similar things. He kept on telling people that he can actually observe things like that…..but every time he got the same answer. Everyone around the globe did not believe things like this because they were thinking that such kind of concepts can’t be created. Such kind of novel mechanisms actually scared population. But that change is embraced at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At MIT, Mr. Bose tried to implement his thought into experiments. He was supported by many in those labs they all were of the similar category. Getting into a group of genius people he was able to create the sound systems that was absent in the market. In 1956 he had a talk with his friends, “Hey guys….I am trying to make a stereo speaker system. That can change and amplify various voices.” He did not get much of a support. Further his doctorate guide Dr.Y.W.Lee supported his thoughts and made him familiar with the concept of angel investors. He got funds for his inventions and now he is creating those things on intuition.

After several years this company turned into an amazing success. In one of the talks he mentioned,

“Nothing is impossible…when my dreams can give me millions of dollars why can’t yours?

The only thing that you need to do is to believe them like crazy. That path will not be easy, there you will find many people saying tremendous things about you, your naive nature and further you lack of sense in practicality. When you pass through all these factors just remember your goal, no one stop from becoming successful. Since success is a journey and not a destination one should not think that they can easily manage to get it. It is never a piece of cake…..but you need to find right people at right time who can make your life better.” His word kept on echoing in several young minds.

These kind of Indian individuals are different from the society….different from those orthodox conventions of marriage, rituals…those people try to take their lives in a way they want and just keep on excel in the direction of their goals. Such things can be only achieved by incessant efforts and enormous focus. People like Amar Gopal Bose and many others like Sir C.V.Raman, Ramanujan and many who did something tremendous in their life spans due to the hunger of the knowledge. In my opinion such people should be there in everyone’s list of idealists. They can change lives and make them better.