Alina was raised in a very poor family and lived in the small town of New Castle. She had three other sisters but no father, and she worked tirelessly with her mother to provide for their daily needs. She first picked up rags, then she sold newspapers at train stations and worked as a maid. Eventually, she developed new aspirations and, after traveling widely, experiencing great humiliation, and meeting many people, she decided to join an NGO. As time went on, she developed into a social activist and started her orphanages, charities, and schools. One day, while visiting an orphanage to collect donations, she saw a handsome man named Robin who was only 24 years old and confined to a wheelchair. Robin was trying desperately to get up from his chair, but he could not do so. At first sight, only she started loving him and at the same time she decided I will make him stand up from his chair at that time Robin didn’t know that Alina loves him. One day, Alina approached Robin in a very casual way. She struck up a conversation with him and inquired as to how he came to be physically challenged. Alina recognized that Robin was suffering from a great deal of heartache and had endured a great deal of humiliation, so she was determined that she could resolve all of the issues with her love. Robin had tears in his eyes and said, “I don’t know,” with a heavy heart because he didn’t even know who his parents were and that since the moment, he had opened his eyes, he had been in an orphanage. Alina started coming to the orphanage regularly, and Robin gradually began to feel at ease and happy with her. Before meeting Alina, Robin was counting down the days until he died, but after meeting her, he wanted to live his life to the fullest. As time went on, Alina continued to inspire Robin to get out of his wheelchair and take action by telling him the success stories of other physically disabled people. Alina took Robin to a physiotherapist and set up many online classes so that he could study while in a wheelchair. Over time, Robin gradually recovered and developed a new personality. After two years, he began walking, and he was now very confident. After three years, he attended many interviews and received a good job. However, gradually when everything was going well, Robin began to forget Alina. In his office, he met a new girl named Sofia who was very attractive and came from a wealthy family. She began loving him because he had developed into a very skilled person, but somewhere along the line, he forgot that all of his skills and personality came from Alina. Alina used to get in touch with Robin because she still thought the world of him, but Robin continued to be busy with Sofia. Alina’s health was declining daily, and each day she insisted on meeting Robin, but he never showed up. A very sad situation occurred one day when Robin suffered a severe accident on the way to his office and lost both of his eyes. For two weeks, physicians searched for them. While treating his wound with harsh medications for the eye donor, his kidney problems steadily developed. Robin was astonished when the doctor abruptly relocated him to the operating room and informed him that he had found a donor for both his eyes and kidneys. After a successful kidney transplant and eye surgery, Robin was eager to find out who had donated his eyes and kidneys. After numerous requests, the doctor finally gave Robin a page with the following writing: “The day I Saw You I Fell in Love with You but I Didn’t Confession Because If I Had Confessions That Day Then U Would Have Understand That.” I’m showing you mercy since you wouldn’t have stood up for yourself. I gave myself to you because I loved you with all of my heart and soul, and when you told me that you loved Sofia, I left your life, dying in your memories. However, when I heard that you had an accident, I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to give myself to you. Now, when you open your eyes, you’ll feel me; when you breathe, you’ll smell me; and it will be enough for me to leave this world. My love and blessings are always with you, my dear. Robin was speechless and for their whole life it became a guilt for Robin that he forgets the girl who made her up and never married now he is also completing the dream of Alina to help poor and physically impaired persons and he named the organization Alina and Robin.