*Sip of coffee*


*Repeat again*

“Shouldn’t the time stop now? Hasn’t it been enough of a reality check to those air castles of yesterday?

Then again yesterday was, umm what was it called when everything seemed possible? Aah!! Childhood…”

This wasn’t the first time Ruhi had these little chats with herself. Nope not the first at all. But these weren’t prominent earlier either. “How did they end up being these prominent? Okay that’s another thought now”, she thought as she stared at those numbers.

Again *sigh* with continued clicks of laptop keys.

The moment the clock struck 9 it was her que to leave. No not this time Sarah. She ignored every person on her way from her glassed office to her way out the door. She did not want people, she wanted peace, she did not want to be known, right now she wanted to be a complete stranger to everyone. Which was easy. Being in London, the biggest advantage apart from being in London was sometimes being a stranger in the streets of the city.

Today was not the day for her when she was glad to be here, thankful. But those where she regretted being at least 4000 miles away. Today her eyes were heavy not alone with the tiredness of glaring at the screen, but with the tears she hadn’t allowed to flow for as long as she remembers.

As she left her office, left the luxurious building which once made her so excited and stood in front of it searching for that excitement again she had when she first started working here. That building did not seem of any luxury to her anymore. Its hazel colored, glass windowed walls…they were hollow. Ruhi giggled at the thought of these walls looking down at her with pity. The grand reception which made her feel like she had accomplished all she wanted once… made her feel so sick in the pit of her stomach.

Today Ruhi was tired of everything and wanted to go back to those air castles of 18 when everything was with her, or everyone was with her.