Once upon a time, there lived a family, of five people and one dog. The family members included parents, grandpa and two siblings one boy and one girl. Tina (the mother) was a housewife and Rahul (father) was a businessman, Raj (son) who was getting into adulthood, learned driving and was allowed to go out with his friends whenever her wanted. But the Tanu( daughter) who was two years older than her brother, wasn’t allowed to go out with her friends. She was very much frustrated, with the thought and used to fight with her parents a lot, her parents instead of conversing gave her silent treatment which landed her in anxiety and panic attacks, because she never understood the concept of silent treatment. Then one day her mother, sat down and made her understand things, but didn’t listen to what she has to say regarding this. According to the parents they were protecting her from the harsh realities of societies, but they didn’t realise when that protectiveness turned into, overprotective ness and controlling. The night they checked her phone, she was taken aback of the thought that her parents don’t trust her. She need some space in life, when her brother realised all these things he explained to his parents about everything and about how when a child starts getting into adulthood of age like 20 or 21, they need space and their own time. The parents tried to understand this thing slowly and steadily, and she is also realising that her parents are worried about her. So the lesson this story conveys is parents should try to understand that even children need their own space in life, and it is very important for a child that its the first time, the parents are dealing with an adult child, so even they are learning new things everyday.