The mother-daughter duo named Lily- Giselle had an arduous relationship. Giselle thought of herself and her daughter very highly. Lily gave her best in each field but to Giselle, it was never enough. She kept expecting her to outperform in every aspect which led to fear of disappointment for Lily.

Lily could not sustain herself in such an environment and she improvised each day to be the definition of a perfect daughter. The person that she once was became unknown to her and she was just a facade. 

In an attempt to feel more vibrant, Lily organized a party for her friends. She was very excited and did want everything to be perfect as she never expected anything short.  The arrangements made were remarkable and the party began as planned. Her mother came to greet the guests and during the interaction started to criticize her daughter at the party. She did not give any regards to the feelings of Lily. She felt embarrassed and vulnerable. She did not know how to react to the situation and hurried back to her room. She gave in to her tears. She cried and cried until she was gasping for air and then thought that she will never be enough.  She was tired of herself and felt suffocated in her home. There was no escape and the suffering just got worse each day. She was sound physically but mentally drained. Her state of mind was chaos and she experienced a whirlwind of emotions. 

In the ordeal to please her mother she forgot to please herself. The abyss inside her did thrive in the end as she was nothing but an empty vessel.

Lily, the flower symbolizes resurrection in Hinduism/Buddhism, and the daughter is just a representation of rebirth due to the abyss of emotions that now lingers.